5 Most Popular Health Websites 2014

Today more than ever before people are becoming extremely proactive in their own health care, both in looking for and finding ways to get and staying healthier and making informed decision about the care they want to receive if and when they do get ill. Popular medical websites have made people more aware of various health issues and the treatment options available. Here are the 2014-5 most popular health websites.


WebMD is the leading health website in the United States with well over 86 million visitors a month. This health site launched in 1996 and includes all different types of medical information written in language that is easy for everyone to understand. Some of the topics on health and health care that can be found on this site include:

•    A symptom checklist for various illnesses and diseases
•    Pharmacy and drug information
•    Blogs by Physicians on specific topics in their field of expertise
•    General health information

The fact that all the information on this site is easy to read and understand makes it extremely popular among consumers looking for information on health issues or medications.


NIH.Gov is the National institute of Health’s website. Covers a wide range of information for people who want to learn more about a variety of health topics and covers such topics as symptoms, diagnosis, treatments, latest research, clinical trials, research and research findings, and much more. The site also provides consumers with Health Service locator as well as articles on a number of health related subjects.


Directly connected to the well respected MayoClinic this website offers a wide range of materials to visitors on Illness, disease, injuries, and other health issues that the general public faces on a daily bases. Some of the areas this site covers includes:

•    Symptoms for various conditions
•    Diagnosis
•    Treatment options
•    Medications and their side effects
•    Home remedies
•    Research findings

The information on this site is fairly easy to read and understand and most is written is a clear cut manner that makes digesting the information easy.


Owned and operated by WebMD Medicine.net contains doctor produced health and medical information on a wide of variety of health related topics, as well as dedicated medical information. The goal of this site is to help visitors better understand their current health issues so they can make better and more informed decisions regarding their health care.
This site covers some rather unexpected topics such as how bullying, moving frequently, and divorce can impact children (and adults) physical and mental health.

Articles and information are written in a clear cut easy to understand format that makes digesting the information simple and easy.

Everyday Health

Everyday health is a health website dedicated to helping people live healthier lives on a daily basis. It contains articles and information on a wide variety of subjects that impact your health. The site deals with topics, such diet and exercise, drugs and drug abuse, and even has articles on keeping your pets healthier. They even include healthy recipes you can try.

While no website is going to replace proper medical attention any or all of these websites can assist you in managing your health both before and if you should become ill or be injured. They are well worth investigating.