At – Claim unemployment benefits in Arizona

If you are a resident of the state of Arizona and have unfortunately lost your job or are unable to seek employment, you might qualify for unemployment benefits. To apply and qualify for unemployment benefits, you will have to visit Below, we have provided more information about how you can navigate the site, to complete the application process.

Applying for unemployment benefits online provides an online form that you can use to file for unemployment benefits or for Federal extensions. You will need your driver’s license number, your social security number, your employment history, complete with the business names of your employers for the 18 months, your address, phone number and other personal details, to complete the form online. If there are dependents living with you, below the age of 16, you will need to provide personal information about them as well.

Answering the questionnaire

The site is set up in such a way that the applicant will have to answer a series of questions, presented by a questionnaire, to see if he or she will qualify for unemployment benefits. Some of the questions will be if you have filed for unemployment benefits in the past 12 months, if you have served in the military for the past 12 months and so on.

Once the questionnaire is completed, along with the entry of personal details, the computer will process in the information, to tell the applicant if he or she will qualify for unemployment benefits.

Filing weekly UI claims

Since unemployment benefits are supposed to be temporary form of assistance, the Arizona state government requires the applicant to file for unemployment benefits every week, if they want to continue receiving unemployment benefits. Once again, the system will present a questionnaire that will ask questions such as “Have you tried to find employment” “Have you found employment” and so on.

Applicants must provide honest answers to their questions and not just lie or contrive the answers just to receive unemployment benefits, when they can easily find work and earn money on their own. Applicants must remember that is a federal crime to claim unemployment benefits when one is working or when does not take any effort to find employment.

In conclusion, if you want to apply for unemployment benefits in the state of Arizona, please visit to fill out the online form. It is a much faster process that standing in line to apply for unemployment benefits or applying for unemployment benefits over the phone.