The demand for online jobs is now increasing very fast. A lot of people from all over the world are now turning to online jobs simply because they find this an easy and comfortable way to make money.

Check Out these Jobs Sites Online

Because of this increasing demand, you will now find several online job sites in the World Wide Web that offer all sorts of jobs. If you are one of those who are looking for ways to make money online, then here is a list of the top 5 online jobs sites that you should check out.


oDesk is certainly at par, or even better, than many other freelance sites online. The reason is because they are known to provide secure and quick payment to freelancers, they offer free membership, they are equipped with excellent work tools, and they provide generous affiliate incentives. Right now, the company is said to employ more than 3 million freelancers that work for almost a million clients worldwide.


From the name itself, FreelanceWriting is a site dedicated to individuals who are looking for freelance writing jobs. The site features how to articles, writing contests, and other useful resources which a freelance writer will certainly find useful. Here, you can find online and desk jobs, most especially writing related jobs.


The site is known for its less busy interface as compared to other online jobs sites these days. It also lists massive quantities of available jobs online and the best way to find a suitable job is to make use of its Browse Job Title feature. The site features several writing jobs, including editor jobs, journalist jobs, and many more.


Monster is another popular site for online jobseekers. It houses a lot of useful resources and information which an online job seeker will certainly find useful. The site allows users to create and post resumes, ask advice as well as network with other members who are also looking for available jobs. It features a plethora of jobs which users can easily browse on the site.


Elance is also one of the biggest players in the freelancing industry. The site covers a wide variety of work and those who are looking for freelance jobs online will certainly find the site very useful. It features a long list of projects and creative works open to all individuals who are looking for online freelancing jobs. Just like with other online jobs sites, Elance allows its users to post and create resumes that employers can easily view.