The Online Portal for the Chamberlain College

If you happen to be a nursing student at any one of Chamberlain’s many campuses, you must know that all your study and course material, along with digital assignments, can be accessed at, the online portal for the college. Below, you will find more information about the online learning portal.

Who can use the online learning portal?

Anybody who is a registered student at Chamberlain College of Nursing can register on the online portal. Chamberlain College of Nursing has campuses in Chicago, St. Louis, Houston ,Virginia and Jacksonville.

What does the website link to?

When one visits, they will be introduced to a home screen where they can do one of the following things; login to their student portal, access technical support, access the online library and also access bookstores and merchandize stores that sell what students might need. Items like books and varsity clothing can be bought through this online portal.

What does one need to login to the student portal?

To login to the student portal, a student will need their D#. This is a number that is provided during the time of admissions and every student will have this number. If you don’t know it already, you can easily look it up by checking receipts that you might have got when you paid your tuition fees. The D# can also be accessed from any correspondence that you might have received from the college.

What does one need to access the online library?

The library feature at the online portal is an exciting one. If you have any questions for the librarian, you can use a chat feature to ask the librarian any questions that you might have. The virtual librarian can help you locate books, recommend books and even give you tips on how to search the library effectively.
The librarian can also be reached through email, if you can’t catch them online on chat.

What resources does one have access to, when accessing the online library?

Students who access the online library can access the CINAHL/medline library, the Cochrane library, the PubMed library, the StatREF! library and The Joanna Briggs Institute (JB) resource library. Apart from the library resources mentioned above, one can also use the library portal at to access OVID, Nursing and Allied Health resources, MedlinePlus resources, ABI/INFORM Global resources and several dissertations and thesis as well. Additionally, the library provides access to over 47,000 titles from various disciplines, all related to nursing.

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