Claim Your Unemployment Benefits at

If you are a New Jersey resident and due to some unfortunate reasons you lost your job then you must take your chances at You may be eligible to file your claim for unemployment benefits. This online service is a project of The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development. Its purpose is to make the process of applying for unemployment claims faster and easier with the aid of this online facility.

About New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development

The New Jersey Department of Labor and Workforce Development is a government organization based in Trenton and is considered as the state agency of New Jersey. Its main goal is to help the residents of New Jersey achieve the appropriate job of making the state’s economy grow. Hence, if by any chance you had troubles with your employment then you can easily get help through

Unemployment Claims in New Jersey

Essentially, you are entitled to file an unemployment claim through if you have worked in the state of New Jersey in the last 18 months given you meet the following conditions:

• You have not served for the federal state
• Not worked in the military for the last 18 months
• Must be a citizen of the United States

Online Filing System-

By using the online filing system,, you can definitely file your claim and manage your account without much hassle. It is proven that you can claim your unemployment benefits more quickly by utilizing these online services rather than having it filed and processed at physical locations. Plus, you have the chance to benefit from the following services:

• Get tax information – with the website, you can acquire information about 1099-G income tax.
• Apply for new and reopen existing claim- the website can be used to apply for new and existing claims.
• File Continued Claim- there is a section in the website that allows you to claim weekly benefit or weekly EUC or extended benefits.
• Claim Inquiry- the website is very useful in getting updates and information about your present claim.
• Direct Deposit- you can also click on in order to add direct deposit information or make changes on your deposit claim.
• Address Change/Update- the website can also be used to make changes and updates to your address.

How to File For Unemployment Claim through

Before you can start to file for your unemployment claim online you need to make sure that you have all your employment information in the past 18 months. You have to meet the following requirements as already mentioned above to qualify for the claim. So it is advisable to jot down important information and have it ready.

Once you have taken care of the requirements then you can go to and click on the “File Unemployment” claim. If you do not have an Unemployment Benefits online ID then you need to apply for one otherwise you can continue with log in. You just have to follow all the instructions and that will complete your application.

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