Computer and Internet

In this day and age wherein computer technology is deemed very useful, more and more people are looking for reliable resources and information relating to computers. Thus, a lot of websites were set up which features up to date news and information concerning computers and other related technology.

Check Out these Sites for Computer and Technology News

This list features the top 5 web sites for computer news today. These sites are considered to be the most popular and highest rating sites when it comes to providing computer news and information to the public.


ZDNet is one of the most popular sites that provide business technology and computer related news. The site is published by CBS Interactive, together with SmartPlanet and TechRepublic. The website started as a subscription based digital service in the year 1991 and offers the latest computing news and information to the public.

CNET’s News.Com is another site that is popular for providing the latest computer related news and information. It is operated by CNET, a US based Tech media website which features reviews, news articles, podcasts and blogs on technology as well as consumer electronics for the global market.

InfoWorld is another website that features technology and computer resources and operates under the umbrella of IDG Enterprise. The website focuses on “how to” analysis as well as hands on reviews on the latest technology in computers.

The website is popular among IT professionals as well as tech savvy entrepreneurs. The site is known to publish only original content of news articles each day, along with a mixture of formats in the form of reviews, columns, news features, news stories, and even slide shows.


InformationWeek is a website dedicated to providing news and information on business technology. It works like a digital magazine which also features virtual events and research relating to computers.

To date, the website has more than 2 million visitors in each month making it one of the leading websites that provide reliable computer news and information online.

CNN Tech News

CNN Tech News is a division of Cable News Network, more commonly known as CNN, a leading American news satellite television channel. The CNN Tech News features the latest advances in computer technology, as well as news reports and videos that cover a wide range of computer related topics, such as the World Wide Web, personal and business technology, gaming and gadgets, computer innovation, film to digital, and many more.