Criminal Minds: Season 10

Beginning it’s 10th season on Wednesday October 1, 2014 at 9pm (8 central time) Criminal minds first aired in September 2005. This American Crime drama is produced by the Mark Gordon Company in association with CBS television studios and follows the fictional cases of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. Unlike other shows that often focuses on court room cases or actually chasing down the criminals, Criminal minds focuses on the profiling the killer in order to solve the case.

criminal minds season 10

Shows Cast

Followers of the last 9 seasons of Criminal minds will see many familiar faces among the cast. Returning Cast members include:

Joe Matengna as David Rossi

Thomas Gibson as Unit Chief Aaron Hotchner

Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan

Mathew Gray Grubler as Dr. Spencer Reid

A. J. Cook- Jennifer JJ. Jareau

Kristen Vangsness- Analysist Penelope Garcia

Jennifer Love Hewitt – Kate Callahan

Joining the cast for the first time this season will be Jennifer Love Hewitt who will be introduced as a dedicated FBI agent in the seasons first episode called “X.” In her role as sexy, but hard as nails Kate Callahan Hewitt just make Criminal minds by storm and should earn a loyal following right from the start.

Guest Stars and Stars Appearing In Recurring Rolls

Along with regular cast members this seasons guest star list offers some exciting stars and the characters they play like C.S. Lee (Agent Vince Masuka from Dexter) who will play the role of a high school English teacher who as child was locked in a shed with his brother whenever they got bad grades in school. The trauma from their childhood leads this teacher into a deadly obsession.

Other guest stars include: Taylor Nichols, Kent Shockrek, Amie Farrel, Lily Kershaw, Bruce French, Keith Carradine and Elle Fanning.

Along with these and other guest stars there are number of stars that will be appearing on the series in recuring roles. Some of these stars and roles include; Bellamy Young as Beth Clemens, Brian Appel as agent Anderson, Jane Lynch as Diana Reid, and Meta Golding as agent Jordan Todd as well as several others.

Season Spoilers

The Season Premiere of Criminal Minds promises to start out with a bang, or in this case, the series own version of a chop shop. Starring guest star Keri Smith this episode called “X” features Smith as as a deadly acromtophile named Frank Cowles who gets some type of sexual satisfaction out of collecting body parts of his victims. The BAU unit is called in when unidentifiable corpses and body parts start showing up. Of course the unit gets a little help from FBI agent Kate Callahan who proves her metal and is invited to become a permanent member of the unit.

Season 10 Promo – X ( by EsztyFan )

Hints about this first episode has been circulating on Twitter for weeks, With tweets showing a picture of a severed limb with stitches, far less bloody that those will probably show up on the seasons premiere.

In Episode 2 “Burn” the unit travels to Seattle where they profile the person who is involved in a series of abductions and murders. In addition, season 10 will continue the story of the shooting incident involving Reid and Garcia that was part of the seasons final. Reid still recovering from his gun shot wound, will try suck it up and pretend that he is as fit as ever, while Garcia will fight her own battle with Post traumatic stress syndrome.

In episode 2 of this season while the rest of the unit is handling things in Seattle, Garcia will travel to Texas and death row to confront the man she shot while trying to defend herself and reid.

One of the most touching episodes of this 10th season, should occur somewhere near the middle of season and is a tribute to Meshach Taylor (Of designing women fame) who lost his fight with colorectal cancer.

Meschach first appeared on Criminal Minds in the 8th season as a Vietnam Vet and gave Taylor and long time friend Joe Mategna an opportunity to work together at the end of Taylor’s life. Mategna will direct an episode bringing an end to the story of Vet Harrison Scott as a tribute to this wonderful actor who is no longer with us.

For all of you are have spent the summer biting your nails and wondering what was in the mysterious text sent to Hotch in the season 9 finale, you’ll have to wait a bit longer until around the 5th episode when both the mysterious message and the sender will be revealed to fans who have spent months wondering if the message from Blake. (Jeanne Tripplehorn)

It also appears that romance is going to play a larger role in Criminal Minds this season as both Derek’s and Hotch’s girlfriend’s story lines will be expanded. This will not only help to flesh out the lives of some of unit when they are not on duty, but should also show a more caring side to these two tough male characters.

Turn in and Enjoy

Despite these few spoilers, there is plenty more episodes of this season that are should come as surprise as well as some unexpected twists and turns in the episodes all ready mentioned. It promises to be another exciting season for fans with the return of many beloved and interesting characters, one new regular cast member, and a parade of guest stars. Of course, for those who love mayhem and murder there will plenty of that two mixed in with a little romance and bit one or two agents who are struggling with their past and their current situations. All in all it looks like season ten is shaping up to be one of the best seasons of Criminal Minds yet, so why not mark your calendar, get the popcorn and soft drinks ready and be prepared for a new and exciting season of Criminal minds?

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1. “X” October 1, 2014
2. “Burn” October 8, 2014
3. “A Thousand Suns” October 15, 2014
4. “The Itch” October 22, 2014
5. “If the Shoe Fits” October 29, 2014
6. “Boxed In”
7. “Hashtag”
8. “The Boys of Sutton Place”