is the customer care online portal of subscribers of HughesNet. HughesNet is a US-based high-speed satellite Internet provider for both home and office and is known to deliver innovative network of technologies and solutions for enterprises and governments globally.

Subscribers of HughesNet can sign up for an account at Here, you will have access to the latest news on entertainment, sports and finance, as well as a wide range of entertainment such as free games, videos and TV shows, and in addition, customers will have a free email account with HughesNet as well.

For those who need help with their account, all they need to do is to access, and they will be taken to the customer care web portal of HughesNet. Customer Care

On the customer care portal, subscribers will be given various options. You can refer to the links on the website for assistance on your account, such as billing concerns, webmail and your HughesNet account. If there is really a need for you to contact their customer care support, gives you three options for that:

• Email – you can send in your concerns and queries to customer care via email.
• Phone – you need to call 866-347-3292 to speak with a representative. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
• Chat – you can interact with a customer care representative through chat.


Another important section at is the Billing section. In this section, subscribers of HughesNet Satellite Internet can do the following:

• Add or change their bank account information
• Change their billing address
• Enroll in the auto pay option
• Make a payment
• Review their account
• View their bills
• Rebate center

There are also other links under the Billing section that could help you with your billing concerns, and these are the “Understanding my Bill” and the “View/Pay My Bill without Log-in”.

Webmail is another important link on This is where users need to go to if they have concerns with their email account with HughesNet. There are two links found under this section, the password reset as well as HughesNet email management.

Password reset is where users would click on if they forget what their password is or if their password is coming up invalid every time they tried to log in to their email account. The HughesNet email management is where users can refer to if they want to find out more about the HughesNet email services and functionality.