In this day and age of the Internet, it’s not surprising to know that a lot of kids are now well adept at using computers to aid them in learning. Despite of these technologies being addicting for some kids, we know for a fact that such technology is also a great help in the learning process of our kids.

Educate your Kids with These Sites

There are now several educational sites which feature resources for interactive learning, which your kids will certainly love. So here are the top five educational websites that you should check out.

PBS Kids

The PBS Kids website features educational games and videos, as well as several fun activities to help your kids learn easily. The great thing about the site is that they have their own famous PBS characters, such as Curious George, Clifford and Cat in the Hat, Martha Speaks, and many more. Each character is fun and perky, bringing so much joy to young kids while they learn at the same time.


Wonderopolis allows your kids to discover new great wonders every day. These wonders are amazing facts and trivia which your kids will certainly find interesting. The site also features intriguing questions, like, “What badger has a sweet tooth?” and “Why these are called Lava Lamps?” Indeed, the Wonderopolis is a fun way to boost your kid’s imagination.

National Geographic Little Kids

We are all familiar of National Geographic, a channel site which features attention grabbing world discoveries which are not only interesting for adults, but for kids, too. And to help your kids to be aware of several other interesting discoveries, they have set up a website called the National Geographic Little Kids, which features child friendly crafts and recipes, games, science discoveries, videos and animal facts.


Poptropica is another fun and educational website for kids. The site was launched by the Family Education Network, aimed at kids who are 6 to 15 years of age. It has an educational format which allows kids to play interesting computer games and the great thing is that the game’s format is updated often, giving your kids something to look forward to each time they visit the site.


Starfall is another educational website that allows kids to learn by means of interactive games and videos, as well as storytelling and crafts. The site is perfect for parents who want to develop their kid’s reading and comprehension skills. It is designed for kids in the first grade through second grade. :: provide education to students in children’s study materials Login login : login portal of the students of Corinthian Colleges Inc -Online Gradebook Management materials for students and teachers – Math XL for School – For Teachers and Students of TCI to Use education portal : Earn an Online Degree for an account in the CE Broker system :: ATI Nursing Education UAS- University Accounting Service – Make Payment Online The Online Portal for the Chamberlain College Textbooks on Human Anatomy and Physiology Mobile
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