TaxACT E-Filing Center – Convenient Way of Filing your Taxes is very useful when it comes to filing taxes and it is for this reason why this link is mostly accessible during the time when people will need to file their taxes. With the help of this site, you will be able to check your electronic filing status online. Simply log on to and take advantage of this online service.

Using the Site

When using the site, a user will be asked to key-in the following information:

• Last Name
• Zip Code
• Social Security Number

Therefore, before you start using the site,, make sure that you have these details ready. These are also the details needed for you to be able to review your status online.

What Else is Needed?

For those who are filing for 1120 and 1065, you will need to have an Employer Identification Number ready. Furthermore, you also need to provide your zip code and the name of your company or your employer. Take note that the IRS will usually begin processing those returns filed online by the middle of January. So any taxes that were filed before the date will have to be put on hold by the Tax Act, a software developed for filing taxes. So if you want a convenient way of filing your taxes, log on to now.

Prepare and File Taxes

For those who need to prepare and file their taxes online, they need to make use of the “Prepare and File” tab located on the homepage of When you click on this, you will then be asked to provide the information mentioned above. Take note that on this section, you need to choose whether you are an individual filing for 1040 or a business firm that needs to file for 1120S, 1120 and 1065.

Return Status

For those who need to find out the update of their tax returns, they have to click on the “Return Status” section on the homepage of You will also need to fill out the information needed by the system to be able to do a search of the tax you have filed.


For assistance on using the site, you will have to click on the “Support” section, found on top of the homepage of When you click on the page, you will be taken to the support center where will you find information on tips on how to navigate and use the site.

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