a payment for your Banana Republic credit card

If you have to make a payment for your Banana Republic credit card, you have most likely been to This website makes it very easy to make your credit card payment and keep track of your credit card account with the fashionable store.

Simple for All Users

The web designers made very easy to use. There are not any confusing or extraneous links that will make it difficult to figure out exactly what you need to do. The graphics on the site are clear and easy to read. Once you arrive at the site, you know that the first thing you have to do is fill in your login. It is does not even ask for your password, but just the login.

Attractive Block Design

If you are new to the website, you can easily see where to go and figure out what to do. All of the information is put into little blocks so you know where to look and what is important to know. To keep it simple, there are only two blocks that require any input from the user. One of the blocks is from a user who is already registered and one is for a new user. The blocks are very clearly labeled so there is not any confusion from either type of user. The big Welcome box informs the user exactly what can be done at

New Users Will Know What to Do

If you are a new user, you simply click on the register button and the site will guide you step by step through the process. There is only one required entry per page, beginning with the credit card account number. By keeping the website easy to maneuver with limited input from the user, the employees at the Banana Republic credit card services office will not have to field questions from confused online users.

Easy to Novice Internet Users

When websites like are designed for ease of use, it makes life so much better for the customers and the employees. When a website is properly designed, it can truly keep questions at a minimum, because everyone can figure out how to use the site. Even after the Internet has been in use for so long, there are still users who are not comfortable filling out simple forms and navigating websites. They can easily clog phone lines with questions that can be taken care of with a well-designed website. It would be surprising if anyone had to call Banana Republic credit card services to ask any questions about how to use this website.

Along the bottom of the page is the information about the credit card agreements and about the company that manages the Banana Republic credit cards. The links are small, so they will not be distracting. Not many people read all of the legal information about their credit cards, so the designers decided to keep it small and inconspicuous. If you are looking for that information, you will find it.

The Banana Republic Credit Card website,, is very well designed for any Internet user with any range of online experience.