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If you are a physician and you are in need of a job, then you could greatly benefit from Those who are also in need of a doctor or physician’s services can also benefit from the site. Basically, the site allows users to search for any available hospital or doctor in his or her area. Physicians who want to advertise their services can also sign up at so they will be contacted in case someone would need their assistance.

Are you looking for a physician or a hospital?

If you are in need of a physician or a hospital, then log on to the site and do a search. The moment you access the site, you will automatically find an option on the homepage to do a search. If you click on the “search” button, a new page will pop out and you can make use of the links on the left side of to search for the location of the area where you need to look for a physician or a hospital. Among the areas covered by Tenet are:

• Texas
• Tennessee
• Pennsylvania
• North Carolina
• Missouri
• Georgia
• Florida
• California
• Alabama

Searching for a career with Tenet?

Doctors who are looking for a career can also make use of to search for any available jobs. If you are a member of the site, you need to log-in with your user ID and password before you can start looking for any available jobs. Those who are new to the site must click on “Register Here” and fill out the online form in order to successfully register and be able to use the site. And just like with the option to search for any available doctors or hospitals at, physicians will also be asked to choose the state where they are interested on working.

Do you need investor information?

Those who are interested on investing in the company can also take advantage of the site to find out some useful information related to investors. This link is also easily accessible on the homepage and when you click on this, a new page will open up and this page contains all the information that an investor for should be aware of.

So if you are new in the medical industry and you are still in the process of job hunting, you better check out Who knows? You might actually get your first job here.

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