United Intranet Login – Employees of United Airlines Web Portal

Employees of United Airlines can benefit a lot from flyingtogether.ual.com. This is a web portal that was set up by the company, allowing their employees to conveniently view their work schedules and other important information pertaining to their career with United Airlines, one of the biggest airline companies in the United States.

All about the United Airlines

The United Airlines, which is the company behind flyingtogether.ual.com, is one of the largest airline companies in the United States that’s headquartered in Illinois. The company is owned by the UAL Corp., which is now known as the United Continental Holdings and is said to be the world’s biggest airline when it comes to the number of passengers flown.

The company started its operation in 1926 and since then, it has progressed to become the company that it is now. In order to help their almost 200,000 employees to easily access their employee database, the company has decided to set up an intranet which can be accessed at flyingtogether.ual.com.

All about the Web Portal

If you access the link to United Airline’s employee web portal, you will immediately be taken to the login page, where you need to key-in your employee ID and password. The login section is found on the upper right hand corner of the page and after you type in the login credentials on the field, simply click on “log-in” link in order to begin using flyingtogether.ual.com. Employees who forgot their password can click on the “forgot password” link, but they have to first key-in their employee ID to continue.

Main Corporate Site

Users who are not an employee of United Airlines cannot use the flyingtogether.ual.com link. But if you need to find out more information about United Airlines or if you want to book a ticket, you must visit the main corporate site of United Airlines. The URL is www.united.com or you can simply scroll down on the lower right hand section of flyingtogether.ual.com and you will find there the link that you can click in order to be taken to the main website of United Airlines.

Important Notice

Another important section that you will find at flyingtogether.ual.com is the “Important Information”. This is found on the lower left hand corner of the page and if you click on this, a page will pop out that will reveal a disclaimer about the proper use of the web portal. It basically informs users to make sure that no other people will have access to their employee profile at flyingtogether.ual.com.

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