Ford Motor Company Dealer – FMC Dealer.COM

Unless you are a Ford Motor Company Dealer or an employee of Ford Motor Company you probably never heard of the website The site was set up by the Ford Motor Company on April 18, 2002 out of Dearborn, Michigan. is not what is known as popular website, since only has around 3,690 visitors a monthor 19 visitors a day visit this website. It only has 43 Google mentions, 49 Facebook mentions, and only 8 Twitter mentions the main reason for the lack of popularity of this site is because the website is only able to be accessed by owners or operators of Ford Motor Company dealerships or employees of the Ford Motor Company.

FMC Dealer.COM

This site is password protected and loging into the site is extremely simple requiring only a user ID and a password, which is changed every 3 months. The great hing about this website is that dealers and employers have the opportunity to learn details about the dealership. Learning more about how the dealership operates can help dealers and employees alike to become better at their job since they have a better understanding about the overall business.
In addition this site allows those people who do have access to the portal to interact with one another. You can learn how much business other dealerships are doing, what others like about running a dealership or their job and make connections with people who you have things in common with.

Logging Into

Unlike many other websites that make you jump through hoops just to be able to login, logging in to is extremely simple to log in to. All you need to do is follow these three simple steps.

1. You must be a Ford dealer or employee to access this site.
2. Go to the site
3. Type in your user ID
4. Type in your password
5. Hit enter

You need to remember that the password for the site changes every three months so you will need to make sure that you are using the current password when signing into the site. You also need to make sure that you do not give your ID or the password to anyone as unauthorized personnel are subject to criminal charges.

If you are a Ford dealer or employee and want to learn more about your career then is well worth a visit.