www.survey4on.com :: Get 10% on Your Next Old Navy Purchase by Taking a Survey

Old Navy is a very popular American clothing line that is under Gap Inc. It offers the latest fashion wear for men, women and kids at fair prices. It provides a wide collection of clothes that you will truly enjoy for a very long time. Old Navy has everything that your family needs so it is the best place to shop as it offers a wide range of clothing products with unique designs. Also, the company is known to provide the best customer service and this is achieved through www.survey4on.com which is actually an online survey that aims to gather customer feedbacks and reviews about Old Navy products in order to make improvements with the quality of their products and services.


About the Old Navy Customer Survey

Old Navy has come up with a website www.survey4on.com that is powered by Panda Express Survey. Old Navy appreciates customer feedback and opinions. The information gathered from the survey provides them with the knowledge needed to improve the quality of their products and services. This survey is entitled to customers who have shopped at Old Navy outlets just recently.

The receipt of the purchase actually contains the invitation code which you will use to enter the survey at www.survey4on.com. The entire survey only takes about 10-12 minutes so it will not take long to express what you feel about the experience about the company.

But this is not about expressing your opinions but also about getting discounts on your next purchase with Old Navy. In actuality, after completing the survey you will be presented with a validation code that lets you avail of a 10% discount on your next purchase at any Old Navy outlets. So, you must not waste time and go to www.survey4on.com and start completing the survey.

How to Participate in the Survey

A customer survey is very essential in enhancing the service of on any company and this is very true with Old Navy. Thus, they came up with www.survey4on.com to promote the customer survey program. If you have shopped in any Old Navy store and you are actually a regular shopper then you must join this survey program. But before you can join you need to ensure that you meet the following requirements:

• Computer with reliable internet connection
• A recent receipt from Old Navy containing the survey invitation

Once you have secured the requirements then you can start the survey by going to www.survey4on.com. Tick the language that you prefer choosing from English, French and Spanish before your click on “Begin Survey” button. You will be required to enter your gender, age and answer whether you have an immediate family member who works with Old Navy and proceed by clicking on “Next”.

Afterwards, you must enter the store number in the designated area and click “Next”. You will be required to enter the register number and transaction code that can be found on your receipt. So, before you visit www.survey4on.com you must have your receipt ready. Once you have supplied all the information you can take the survey and in 10-12 minutes, you will receive your validation code.

Official site : www.survey4on.com