Get your Sears rebate at

If you bought a product from Sears that came with a rebate offer, you can now use an online form to redeem that rebate, by visiting Below, we will give you more details and instructions about how you can redeem your Sears rebate.

What do I need to redeem my rebate?

To redeem your rebate on the product that you purchased at Sears, you are going to need the product’s UPC code. Some products will not even require this UPC code. Sometimes, just a receipt might do. If you don’t have a receipt, you can always visit the Sears store where you purchased the product, to request the clerks there to give you a copy of the receipt.

Sometimes, you will be required to provide a photocopy of the receipt. When that is asked, it is best that you actually take a photocopy and send it in, without sending in the original, as you will need the original receipt to claim your product’s warranty, if the need arises.

If you made your product purchase online, from, you can use the email receipt that you would have received in your email inbox.

How do I redeem the rebate amount that tis awarded to me?

Once your rebate is processed, you have the option to transfer the rebate amount onto a prepaid Sears MasterCard that you can use in all major retail locations, just like a credit or debit card.

How long does it take for my rebate to be processed?

This will depend on the product in question. Sometimes, a rebate can be processed in just 2-3 business days although some rebates can take as long as 4 weeks. Generally, the rebate details will be mentioned in the product’s advertising, when you purchase it from Sears.

Will I get my rebate if I submit it after the deadline mentioned in the offer?

No. rebates that are not filed on time will become void. Generally, people will have 30-45 days to file a rebate. If the deadline is missed, the rebate becomes void and nothing can be done about it. Though it leads to the chagrin of many customers, the terms are clearly stated in the rebate offer, that it will become void if not collected within a certain time period.

Once again, to file your rebate for a product bought at Sears, please visit, to file the rebate with UPC information and a copy of the receipt. You can then login at that site to check on the status of your rebate, to see when it is processed.