A website is important in any given company. In fact, several companies would spend thousands of dollars just to come up with a highly reliable website. They are truly aware that having a good site can help to increase the overall consumer experience which helps to attract more customers into the business.

It Applies with Insurance Companies as Well

This goes the same with insurance companies. In order for them to be able to entice customers to check out their products and services, they came up with user friendly sites that have all the information that their customers would be interested to know. So here are the top five insurance websites.


Allstate is a website of The Allstate Corporation, considered as the second largest personal lines insurer all over the United States. Their website landed the top spot on the list of the top five insurance websites in the country since it features everything that a consumer would want to know. The website is easy to navigate and all information is easily accessible.

State Farm

Another insurance website that is loaded with helpful information is the website of State Farm. The State Farm Insurance is one of the biggest insurance companies in the United Sates. Their website is very user friendly as well and is so easy to navigate. It even allows consumers to register for an account on the site so they can request for any coverage changes, file claims, update insurance policy info and even pay bills online.


The Prudential Insurance Company of America is one of the leading insurance companies in the United States now, and its website is also one of the best insurance websites in America. They made it easy for their customers to decide which insurance product is suitable for them. Just like with some other leading insurance companies in the US, Prudential also offers a wide range of insurance products and sometimes it can be a bit hard for customers to choose. Fortunately, the site allows you to easily compare.


The website of Travelers Insurance is another insurance site that is worth mentioning on this list of top five insurance websites. The company offers insurance products that cater to the needs of travelers, especially when it comes to their medical expenses, financial losses during travel, as well as financial default of travel supplies. If you want to know what each of these products are, simply log on to their website.


Humana-One has done a great job at categorizing the individual health insurance policies and plans in accordance to co-pays, short term plans and deductibles. It is very easy to use and navigate through, which is why it was included on the list of the top five insurance sites of today.