Manage your online accounts – Citgo Credit Card holders is good news for all the Citgo Credit Card holders. They can visit the website and register their card. This will help them manage their credit card anytime and anywhere they want online. The website is simple and attractive. Even a newbie will face no problems navigating the different pages and reaching the registration page. For those who have already registered, they will just need to log on.

Registration process

Citgo Plus, Platinum, Preferred or Celebrity card, all members will need to register at the same way. Be careful to fill in the accurate information. The whole process will just take a couple of minutes and involves some very simple steps. Just go on the registration page and click the “Register Now”. You will be taken to the next page where you will need to fill in your 16-digit credit card number. Remember to not to place any spaces or dashes. After you fill in other details, such as your name and billing address, you can create a username and password for yourself.

Whenever you need to log in, you need to use the username and password. Security questions are placed in order to give more protection to your account details. is very secure and makes use of the latest data encryption technology to keep the personal and financial information, of the customers, safe from any unauthorized access.

Multiple facilities

Log on to to manage your credit card accounts and enjoy several other facilities such as paying utilities bills online and quick pay services. The account home page on will store your bank account information for any payments in the future. You can modify your account number and other details as and when required. In case you have not been able to log on for the past 18 months, then you will have to create a new user ID.

CITGO Plus card

CITGO Plus card is favorite amongst customers as it helps them to pay for any convenience items, automotive products along with the high-quality gasoline. These products and services are available at more than 6000 locations nationwide. Moreover the cardholders enjoy flexible payment options, but at no extra charges.

When browsing to make any payments, you will find the system displaying the minimum payment required. But you can pay more if required. Once you click on the “Pay Now” button, the payment will get into process and you will be given a confirmation number that you need to save for reference and confirm the payments. These online payments are the best way to avoid those long queues and save you all the bother and time. In case your CITGO Card gets stolen or lost, you need to inform the customer care.

Different options

Whether you’re handling a huge number of vehicles in the state or own a group of several vehicles, the CITGO cards are just perfect for you. You can choose from a variety of CITGO cards such as CITGO Business Cards, to open your business, or CITGO MasterCard, CITGO Classic Preferred, CITGO Plus, CITGO Gold, CITGO Platinum, CITGO MasterCard etc at