When visiting the login homepage, an extra-large safety cone orange credit card stripes across the website. This striking graphic will catch users’ attention first because of its bold color and contrast to the rest of the black, white and gray color scheme on the website.


Finding the myhomedepotaccount login area of the site is difficult because the link does not stand out. A user will not have to scroll down but the link the login link, called “My Account,” gets lost in the mix of other links and text:

• Search Bar
• Shopping Cart button
• My List button
• My Store Location
• Shop by Department
• The Home Depot orange logo and slogan
• Store Finder
• For Pros
• Get It Installed
• Tool Rental
• Credit Center
• Savings Center
• Project How-to
• Help

My Account Link

My Account link sits above the buttons for Shopping Cart and My list, both of which are bigger than the My Account link. By deemphasizing logging in, users may be led to shop around first or start a The Home Depot credit card before they sign up. If a user already has an account or knows they want an account, they may have trouble finding the correct place to do so.

My Account Webpage and Login

The account page is easy to maneuver. A user is presented with three initial options, all shown with rectangular orange buttons that stand out from the rest of the page.

• Sign In
• Create Account
• Credit Center

Sign In

To log into an account, the user must enter the required fields:

• Email address
• Password.

This mode of myhomedepotaccount login is convenient and user friendly because it is similar to most other sites users may have accounts for. They do not have to go to the trouble to make a unique The Home Depot username or password to have an account. Directly below the orange Sign In Button is a link to click if a user has forgotten his or her password. This location is perfect because people will not have to search the site to find out how to resolve this simple, but common, issue.

Create Account

The orange button clearly stating “Create Account” will direct people quickly and efficiently towards their motivation of going to login in the first place. A small paragraph above the button is helpful for users who are not sure about whether or not they will sign up. It encourages people to sign up with:
• Faster online checkouts
• Email newsletters
• Saved shopping lists
• Saved project lists

Credit Center

If a user specifically wants to manage their credit card or see credit options, this link will bring a person back to the homepage, where they should click on the big orange credit card for more information.

The webpage of login is user-friendly and clear once a person can locate the link on the homepage, dominated with lots of links, texts and bold graphics.