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The homepage of is dynamic and bursting with information and color. A large orange band that resembles a huge credit card sweeps across the front page and dividing the page in half, making all of the information easier to digest.

The very top of the page is striped with a mustard colored ribbon similar to caution tape. This catches a user’s attention to denote everything free:

• Free shipping
• Free in-store pickup
• Free returns

Between the yellow and orange bands of the page, a search bar and various links are located, including the link to sign in. The top tabs include:

• Store Finder
• For Pros
• Get It Installed
• Tool Rental
• Credit Center
• Savings Center
• Project How-To

Many other links related to shopping online fill the rest of the space until the orange credit card. Most of these links blur together as dark gray text because the color dominates the page. Included in this section of the page are:

• Shop by department
• Search options (bath, appliances, building materials, doors and windows, decor, electrical, kitchen, flooring, lighting and fans, outdoors, lumber and composites, paint, storage and organization, plumbing, tools and hardware)

• My store location
• Help
• My account (sign in or register)
• Shopping cart button
• My list button

Signing in may be difficult for users because the sign in link is not distinguishable from a lot of the text that surrounds it.

The orange credit card is filled with other buttons and graphics to be able to:

• View credit options
• Read information on interest payments (or no interest payments)
• How to apply for special financing.

All of these extra links are denoted in different color buttons that distinguish themselves but to not distract from the overall aesthetic.

Below the orange credit card are more sections of information about managing accounts and different types of cards. On the left of the page are links to ways to manage an account:

• Commercial Account
• Rewards Mastercard
• Consumer credit card
• Commercial Revolving Charge Card
• Business Rewards Mastercard

Following this is a small list of Related Information:

• Credit options
• The Home Depot Project Loan

Next to these lists are three pictures of different credit card options available from Home Depot. Much of the listed information is repeated in this section. Under each credit card photo links are listed, helping users to:

• Make payments
• View statements
• Apply for the card

The information presented in this way makes it easy for users to research or manage their specific card types. The information listed on the side is the same, but without the graphical organization to make it user-friendly.

Below the information on how to manage or sign up for various accounts, there are lists of Home Depot Credit customer service hours with phone numbers, specific to the type of account a user has. This information is set off by a gray outlined box.

Below this are more outlined boxes with information and lists on:

• Credit Center
• Installation
• Moving services
• Tool Rental
• Home Depot departments
• Project How-to
• Shopping Assistance
• About

To the side of the page, you can also sign up for email newsletters and connect with Home Depot’s social media.

The webpage is packed full of information. The striking color and design layout keeps things exciting and helps divide the text, but it gets overwhelming. Certain information is repetitive in different places and just congests the web page and makes the user scroll far down to find the end. Expandable lists or consolidating information will help make this website easier to read.