MyHomeDepotAccount is a collaboration between Home Depot and Citibank. They provide credit card services which can be used at any Home Depot. They can help you purchase and finish the home remodeling you have started. Their services with remodeling projects vary from kitchen to bath with all the little supplies in between. Summer is coming and their deck contractors can finish the project for you or supply you with what you need to sit outside on your new deck this summer. They make the simple use of their Home Depot/Citibank card available for these wondrous projects.

How to Use MyHomeDepotAccount

myhomedepotaccountHome remodeling is an intricate design of detail. When you get started with home remodeling it can bring some unexpected surprises. It can be devastating to get started on a project and find half way through there is not enough money to finish. The good thing about the MyHomeDepotAccount is when these surprises come and you are totally out of remodeling funds you can apply and receive extra funds to finish. As with any credit card we ask that you are responsible.

Not just remodeling funds can be activated but funds to replace a worn out appliance which stops working unexpectedly or just every day supplies will also be granted. The details of every sale should be watched because there can be hidden charges and interest rates.

The funds which are received through these credit cards are usually interest free for six months but after that the interest rates can be tagged on. These interest rates can be as high as 20%. Before you jump be sure you ask the fine detailed questions. If the item or items are below $299 the interest rate can start immediately upon purchase. Just be sure to ask so there are no questions later.

The advantages of MyHomeDepotAccount and the credit card can outweigh the disadvantages quickly.
The advantages:

• Out of funds help
• Emergency appliance urgently needed
• Update repair roofs/decks

Home Depot has come to the rescue of many families. We will always be available to supply our customers with what they need. When you walk into a Home Depot feel confident that we will help you finish your project and supply you with the help you need.

There are three accounts available with MyHomeDepotAccount:

• Consumer Credit Account
• Commercial Revolving Charge Cards
• The Home Depot Home Project Loan Credit Card

Stand at your front door and take a look into your house. Through MyHomeDepotAccount, Home Depot and Citibank can come together to make your house the house you have always wanted. Every room in the house can be remodeled just the way you want. The kitchen and bathrooms can be detailed and become brand new with help from our in house designers. New tile or hardwood floors throughout the house can bring together a whole new look. Paint your walls complimentary colors or something bold to blend your new floors together for a wonderful addition. Your home can be exciting please let us help.