Ahold USA HR Express

Myhrexpress.com is a website of Ahold USA HR Express. Users can make use of the site in viewing their employee benefits, polices and services. Before a user can take advantage of these services however, they need to log in with their user ID and provide the last four digits of their SSN. After they provide their login credentials, they need to click on “Begin Log-in” and start using the services at myhrexpress.com.


What If You Forgot your Password?

Users who will encounter some problems logging in to the site can refer to the FAQ section on the login page. Those who forgot their password should click on a link provided on the login page of myhrexpress.com. When you click on this link, a new page will open up and it will tell you that it is the user ID and password assistance section of Ahold USA. Here, users will be asked to choose on what division they belong. They also need to identify if they are an Ahold Associate from the USA or from Europe. There is also a toll free number on this section of myhrexpress.com where users can call to ask for further assistance.

What If You Forgot your User ID?

On the FAQ section on the login page of myhrexpress.com is where you will also find a link to click if ever you forgot your user ID. First time users are also asked to click on the same link in order for them to register on the site and take advantage of the online services. This will basically take you to the same page where you need to reset your password. Just like with resetting your password, you will also be asked to choose if you are an associate in the US or in Europe.

What if You’re Still having Problems?

If you still cannot log in even after you have gone through the User ID and Password Assistance Section of myhrexpress.com, the website recommends that you contact the help desk. The toll free number to call the help desk is also provided on the site, and for corporate users, the number to call is 1-800-246-5334. Store users are asked to call 1-855-246-5343, which is the Ahold USA Retail Support Center. You will be prompted to select options 2, then 1 and then 6. Just listen to the voice prompt and everything should be a breeze. It is also stated at the homepage of myhrexpress.com that users who are having problems accessing the site at home should try to access it on their work computer.