NCIS Season 12 – spoilers

The twelfth season of NCIS is about to premiere on September 23, 2014 and fans of this military crime based programs are eagerly awaiting the new episodes of this popular drama. While few concrete spoilers have emerged for this series, there have been a few teasers and hints about what is going to be coming up on this seasons drama.

NCIS season 12 spoilers

Gibbs and The Enemy Within and Without

Gibbs NCIS season 12

Hints suggest that Gibbs will be spending some of the time early this season trying to deal with the death of his father and his own mortality. While also having to deal with a new enemy that poses a real threat to the entire NCIS unit. While these hints are have pretty vague, it does appear to be quite possible that at least some of what Gibbs will experience this season occurs during the very first episode entitled Twenty klicks where Gibbs and McGee is set off to Russia on assignment and then go missing leaving the rest of the NCIS scrambling to find them and bring them back safely. DiNozzio will take the lead with Gibbs temporarily out of the picture. It is believed that this episode will introduce Alex Veadov as this season’s lead antagnoist.

DiNozzio has Fun

Tony Dinozzio NCIS season 12

After Ziva left the NCIS team last season DiNozzio spent a rough year dealing with the loss of the love of his life. Writers for the show decided it was time for DiNozzio to get back to his old self and enjoy a little fun and flirtation. One of the woman who will get some of DiNozzio’s attention is Stephanie Jacobson (from Melrose Place) who will play the role of FBI agent Leia Pendergast and will team up DiNozzio to investigate a terrorist threat. Will she be DiNozzio’s new love interest? Only time will tell. However, it does seem likely that DiNozzio will have an opportunity to play the field, as in a later episode called Parental Guidance Suggested Marisal Nichols will guest star as ATF special agent Zoe Keates, who fans will discover worked with DiNozzio in the past. If having two great looking women to work with doesn’t heal Tony’s broken heart, at least it should provide some entertainment for the fans.

Where’s Ziva

Ziva David

Of course many fans of NCIS and of Ziva in particular were broken hearted to see her leave the NCIS family and keep asking if she will be coming back to the fold. Although no promises have been made, there have been some conversations and a few hints thrown around that Ziva may make a short lived reappearance for an episode or two to bring closure to her character and the romance between her and DiNozzio. Should Ziva reappear her episodes should skyrocket the ratings and views for this all ready popular series right through the roof. Should we expect her return during ratings week? Who knows but the speculation has been driving everyone crazy!

Insight into Episode 2

The only other episode that fans have been given any real hints about is episode two which has been entitled Kill the Messenger and which will feature guest star Tony Gonzales. This episode centers around a Navy Lieutenant who is killed on his way to a private meeting with the president. The NCIS team is called into action to determine whether the Lieutenant’s death was related to string of muggings taking place at the time or if he had been targeted to keep some sort of Intel Secret. This should prove to be a bit of a cloak and dagger episode for fans to enjoy.

From Russia With Love?

Fans can expect a little drama around Russia since Lev Gorn has all ready been cast to appear in Multiple episodes this seasons as Russian Deputy ambassodor Anto Yelic. In fact, there are enough hints floating around the Internet to suggest that Gibbs and NCIS’s newest super enemy may have something to due with the Russia plot twists, but fans will have to stay tuned to know for sure.

Hail, Hail, the Cast’s All Here

Fans of NCIS will be thrilled to hear that entire cast of NCIS will be returning after successfully bargaining their way through new contacts. The cast includes:

Mark Harmon- Gibbs
Michael Weatherly- DiNozzio
Sean Murray- Timothy McGee
David McCallam- Dr. Ducky Mallard
Rock Caroll- Director Leon Vance
Pauley Perrette- Abbey Sciuto
Brian Dietzen- Jimmy Palmer
Emily Wickersham- Ellie Bishop

The regular cast will be joined by a number of guests stars. Besides the already mentioned Tony Gonzales and Marisal Nichols and the possible reappearance of Cote de Pablo as Ziva expect to see guest star Adam Cambell who play the role of a young Dr. Duck.

Also appearing in and episode entitled The san Dominick Will be Jim Beaver as Captain Tom O’Rouke and in the same episode Diane Neal will return as CGIS agent Borin
Opportunities Abound

With the new Russian angle opportunities abound for this season’s story lines. Not only will new plots be revealed, and new story lines followed, but fans just may see some of their favorite characters in a vastly different light than then they previously seen. From Ducky’s flashback to his younger days, to Gibbs wrestling with his grief over his fathers death to the possible reunion between Ziva and Tony this season to be packed with both action and emotion and an opportunity to better understand some of America’s favorite good guys.

Adding more depth to the characters while keeping the story lines modern and the plots interesting should be enough to draw fans back week after week and keep NCIS on top of the charts for prime time dramas. It will also be interesting to see some of shows center on a different country as well.

For those who have long been fans of this series it’s exciting to know that the premiere of the latest season is only a few days off. For those who are unfamiliar with the show, why tune in and find out why NCIS continues to be one of the most popular crime dramas on television today.

Episode 1 “Twenty Klicks” 09/23/14

Episode 2 “Kill the Messenger” 09/30/14

Episode 3 “So It Goes” 10/07/14