Office Depot’s Business Solutions

You might already be aware of Office Depot, one of the largest corporate chains that sell office stationery and related merchandise. However, you might not know about Office Depot’s BSD branch, a branch that specifically caters to organizations that spend more than $6,000 a year on stationery supplies. The BSD section of Office Depot can be accessed at You will find more information about the website and its services below.

Who is eligible to work with the BSD section at Office Depot?

If your business has more than 15 employees and if your business also spends more than $6,000 a year on stationery, technology and office supplies, you have a chance to take advantage of the services offered by BSD. Becoming a partner with BSD will mean that your business has a chance to save a lot of money, as BSD will be able to provide you with cost savings that are bundles with efficient delivery systems.

To apply, you, as the business manager, will have to use the online application form, at, to provide information about your business. Once you have entered the information and submitted it, a purchase manager from Office Depot will give you a call and then take it forward from there, setting up a relationship with your business.

What are the benefits offered at BSD?

BSD can provide a host of other benefits to your business. Firstly, it can help you streamline your business’s shopping system, allowing you to procure stationery, office supplies and technology supplies, either through BSD online shopping portal or even over the telephone.

Secondly, BSD can also offer a host of customized services that can help your business outsource, streamline or optimize tasks such as printing, shipping and designing of material that needs to go on paper.

If you have a really large organization, BSD can also offer industrial solutions that can both save a ton of money and also make the process of receiving office supplies a very efficient one.

Accessing your BSD account online

If you have already set up your BSD account and have a corporate relationship going with Office Depot, it is possible for you to access that account through your phone, via apps that can be downloaded for free. Office Depots has developed BSD apps that will work both on the iPhone and Android phones.

If your business has a disorganized way in which it is always running out of office supplies or if costs of procuring office supplies are not manageable, we would highly recommend a partnership with BSD at Office Depot, accessible at