SAFE Federal Credit Union

Whether you need to save up for your college education or perhaps borrow some money to purchase a new house or car, the SAFE Federal Credit Union would be able to provide you these services. According to their site,, they offer planning and retirement services too aside from savings and loans products.

Although their services are similar to those that are offered by banks and some of the biggest financial institutions in the country, their services are somewhat exceptional, simply because their main goal is not to make profit out of it, but to simply provide services to the members of the credit union. So if you decide to become a member of the credit union, you can take advantage of all these services and enjoy huge savings and higher dividends. You will also be able to make use of their online services which is accessible at

Online Services

As mentioned earlier, SAFE Federal Credit Union gives their members access to an online facility in order for them to take advantage of some of the services that they offer. The site, which is accessible at, would require the members to log in before they can make use of the online facility. To log in, simply click on the option on the top of the page that says “SAFENET Member Log-in”. Once you click on this, you will automatically be redirected to a site that will ask you to key-in your User ID.

Membership Services

For those who are not yet a member of SAFE Federal Credit Union, yet they are interested to become one, they can refer to the membership services. On this section of, you will find information about the credit union, all the services that they can give to their members, as well as the benefits of becoming a member. This is also where you will find out about the various discounts which members can take full advantage of.

Savings and Checking

Among the most popular products that the Federal Credit Union offers to its members are the Savings as well as Checking account. So if you are interested in these services, simply refer to the top portion of the homepage at that says “Savings/Checking”. When you click on this, you will be able to access the page that contains information about the savings and checking account that the SAFE Federal Credit Union offers. So if you want to earn big savings and huge discounts, check out now and sign up to become a member of the credit union.