Samsung Galaxy S5 Reviews

If you expect the new Samsung Galaxy 5 to be vastly different from it’s predecessor then you are probably going to be sorely disappointed, however, if you like the Samsung Galaxy 4 and just want a smartphone that improves on the previous design then you just may thrilled with the Galaxy 5S.

samsung galaxy s5

The Display

The Samsung Galaxy 5 features a 5.1screen which is 2% larger than that of the Galaxy 4. 1080p resolution display as the Galaxy 4 but the display is brighter giving it a more powerful appearance. Samsung has also improved the display so that it’s performs better in bright sunlight. It not only adapts to changing light conditions, but also color saturation levels. Small changes that may make a large difference in useability.

Larger Power Saving Battery

The new Samsung Galaxy 5 also has a larger battery in fact is 8% larger than it’s predecessor, and according to Samsung can offer up to 21 hours of talk time with it’s new power saving feature that tells you which parts of the phone you can turn off to save on your battery power. The battery saving features may be a big deal for those who are away from an outlet to charge their phone for long periods of time.

Improved Camera

The Samsung Galaxy 5 also comes with an improved camera. The camera now has 16megapixels which is quite an improvement from the 13 megapixels of the Galaxy 4 andt Samsung claims has the fastest auto focus of any smartphone on today’s market. In fact, this camera can snap photos in 1/3 of a second. It can also be used to create high definition videos. With so many people using their phones to take casual pictures, the faster auto focus may be something that many users appreciate.

samsung galaxy s5 camera

More Water Resistant

Samsung also included Waterproofing on their new Samsung Galaxy 5. While you really can’t go swimming or shower with your phone you don’t have to worry if you get caught in the rain. The Galaxy 5 is also designed to keep dust out of the works. According to Samsung the phone can withstand being in 1 meter of water for up to 30 minutes, so those fateful drops into the toilet bowl, won’t make a complete mess out of this phone.

Increased Security

First introduced in the Apple iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy 5 now users a fingerprint scanner (the home button) for added security. In the Galaxy 5 you need to swipe your finger pad down the reader which makes for improved security for those who feel the need.

Heart Rate Monitor

The Galaxy 5 also features a Pulse/heart rate monitor that is located on the back of the phone next to the flash. You simply rest your finger on it and it reveals your heartrate.
The Samsung Galaxy 5S goes on sale in April and for those who like the Galaxy 4 the improvements made to this latest smart phone is sure to meet with approval. Samsung did not reinvent the wheel with this latest smart phone, but they did improve on some of the important basics.

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