Swalife.com Login – for Southwest Airlines employees

The swalife.com login link is where employees of Southwest Airlines would need to log in. This web portal is designed to help employees in keeping track of their schedules as well as access other employee related services. In order to make everything more convenient, the management has decided to make the link available for employees to access through mobile.

Swalife.com Login

SWALife on Mobile – SWALife Mobile App

Employees of Southwest Airlines can easily access the swalife.com login link on their mobile devices. This mobile application is password protected and employees can use this feature to make listings of flights and this is also where they can read the latest company news, updates and other important information. The mobile app also comes with a profile and directory information as well as flight operational updates.

Simplified Version of SWALife

Before, employees could actually access the swalife.com login link on their mobile by using the browser of their own mobile device. But because the format is not mobile, they would often encounter several problems. The page will even take a lot of time before it fully opens up. But with the new simplified version of the swalife.com login page in mobile, all the employees will now be able to easily access the website and navigate easily through the simplified menu and landing pages.

The latest news and updates are now more visible and the updated flight status display is easily accessible. The company has also announced that they might be coming up with a new feature where employees could receive text messages about the latest company news and updates.

What will you Find On the Login Page?

If you access the swalife.com login link, you will immediately be asked to log in by keying in your SWA ID as well as your SWA password. Employees who might encounter problems logging in due to incorrect or forgotten password could click on the “forgot password” link found below the login section of the page. There is also a link below that retirees would need to click in order to access their own SWA account.

If you the access swalife.com login page on your computer’s browser, you will find some other details below the login page. These are the Mission of Southwest Airlines as well as a message to their employees. The company has said that they are dedicated to providing a stable working environment for their employees and they would resort to innovation in order to provide their staff with the best quality of service. And indeed, they are true to their words, for they have made the swalife.com login page easily accessible for employees to access even when they are on mobile.

- Visit website for  swalife.com login
- Android App : https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.konylabs.swalife&hl=en
- Iphone App : https://itunes.apple.com/ca/app/swalife-mobile/id438403697?alreadyRedirected=1&mt=8