Begin using the TeamComcast Web Portal

Employees and affiliates of Comcast are familiar with This link is owned by Comcast Corp., and if you type this URL to your browser, this will take you to a web portal, where you need to log in so you can start using the site. Employees would need to provide their username and password to begin using the web portal.

All about the Comcast Corporation

The Comcast Corporation is the company behind Comcast is a US-based cable company that is known for providing entertainment as well as informational communications to all their subscribers within the United States. They are said to be the largest cable operator and is among the biggest home Internet service providers (ISP) all over the country. Furthermore, Comcast is hailed as the 3rd largest telephone provider all over America, including cable television and broadband Internet.

Currently, Comcast employs almost 130,000 employees all over the United States and in order to give their staff convenience when accessing their employee portfolio and other resources concerning their task with Comcast, the company has set up

Welcome to Team Comcast

The moment you access the site, you will automatically be taken to a page that says, “Welcome to Team Comcast”. On the right hand corner, you will find the network login and you will have to enter your username and password to be able to use the site. There is also a disclaimer that says that if you access every day, you will have to use the same username as well as password. If you cannot log in or if you do not know what your username is, it asks you to call 888-570-0778 – the toll free number of the Division Support Center of Team Comcast.

Network Login Section

On the right hand side of is where you will find the network login page. Here, it will ask you if you are using a public computer/shared computer or if you are using a private computer. This is to ensure that all information on will be kept confidential.

If you are using a public computer, the website will not save any of your information. After you make a selection, you will then key-in your username and password on the field, then hit “log-in” to access the web portal. Those who want to change their password once they log in can simply click on the option that says, “I want to change my password after logging on.” This is to ensure that no other user will be able to access the page that you viewed at