The 25 Best Father’s Day Gifts for 2014

Happy Fathers DayWith Father’s day right around the corner millions of women and children are asking themselves “What do men really want? For father’s day that it is. Well the truth is that every man is different, and so their idea of the perfect gift is going to different as well, which is why we are presenting you with the 25 best Father’s day gifts for 2014. There is sure to be at least one gift on this list, the father in your life will enjoy and appreciate. These gifts range in price from costing absolutely nothing, but a little of your time and effort to some extremely expensive gifts. Let’s have a look at these gifts.

First Time Fathers

First time fathers are usually young men, who are excited about the birth of their first child and being able to celebrate this special day as a father for the first time. First time fathers normally are not looking for an expensive gift, but rather something special that commemorates this very special “first” in a man’s life. Here are two gifts that do that with flair.

1. A personalized coffee mug declaring it his first Father’s day, and if it contains a picture of him and his offspring it will be all the more appreciated and valued. There are many online companies that make personalized coffee mugs and can even put a picture on them. These mugs are usually reasonably priced.

Fathers day coffee mug

2. Happy Father’s Day hand print. Mom and child can present this homemade cast of the babies hand print to the new dad for Father’s day. Add a nice touch and paint a legend on the cast declaring the special occasion. There is nothing like looking at his own infants hand to really touch a dad’s heart.

Homemade Gifts For Dad

Father’s like nothing better than to receive homemade gifts, especially from their younger children. From that hideous tie dyed tee shirt dad wears with pride to those special Lego works of art a father’s heart swells at the thought of his child taking the time to make him something special. Here are some great homemade gifts that children from toddlers to teens can make or help make for dad’s special day.

3. A homemade picture frame made from craft stix or other materials complete with children’s pictures You and your child can easily make picture cube filled with memorable moments from old plastic CD cases. Day will be proud to display such a fine gift on his desk at home or in the office.

fathers day picture frame

4. Homemade cookies, or spiced nuts, or even that chex mix for dad to enjoy while watching television. Let’s face it, dad’s like munchies and there is nothing like a special snack made by loving young hands as a father’s day gift.

5. A handmade chore coupon book, where you promise to take over some of those less attractive chores like sweeping out the garage, or taking out the garbage, or even mowing the lawn.

Food and Beverage Gifts

Summer is the time when most men enjoy manning the BBQ and enjoying a nice cold beer or soft drink so why not indulge his summer activities with one of this great gifts.

indoor/outdoor grill

6. A new grill. With so many grills on the market today, Dad is always looking for next great charcoal, gas, or electric grill to enjoy the manly art of cooking out of doors, so why not indulge him by purchasing that new grill he has been eying.

7. Grill Tools and Grilling Spices and Sauces. If dad all ready has a grill that he loves, you can still give him a grilling gift by giving him a basket filled with all types of grilling tools, spices, and sauces. You can make up your own grilling basket using his favorite spices, rubs, and sauces and throw in a few new grilling tools or gadgets or buy one of the great grilling baskets that comes all ready assembled with new things to try.

8. Beer Making Kit. What beer drinking father doesn’t occasionally dream of making his own brew. Now you can make that dream come true by buying him his own beer making kits. These kits run the gambit from those all inclusive kits that are almost fool proof, to those kits that will get the more hands off beer maker off to a great start.

9. Sit and Sip Cooler or Remote controlled rolling cooler. Whether sweating over a hot grill cooking those hot dogs, fishing for the next big catch, or working in the yard, Dad need’s the occasional rest and nice long cool drink so why not get him his own sit and sip cooler so he can take a load off and have a cool drink at the same time, or a remote controlled rolling cooler so that he can make that cool drink come to him without shouting his wife’s name.

Sports and Hobby Gifts

Dad’s work hard and they like to play hard as well. So why not get him a gift to help him enjoy his favorite sport or hobby. Here are few gifts in this category that men really seem to enjoy.

10. Gardening wagon, and tools. If your day is avid gardener he will enjoy getting a small garden wagon (or a large one) filled with tools he doesn’t all ready own. Filling the wagon with extra gardening gloves, small hand rakes and shovels and other essential tools will help dad enjoy his gardening more.

11. Fishing Gear- If dad is avid fisherman there is nothing he will enjoy more than the latest and greatest fishing reel, or rod or the latest fishing gear.

12. High Quality Golf Balls- The golfer in the family can never have too many high quality golf balls so buying him a couple of packs of his favorite golf balls is sure to win favorite with dad.

Golf Ball

13. Tickets to his Favorite Sporting Event- Whether dad is baseball, football, or golf or extreme sports fan buying his tickets to favorite sporting event will make a great Father’s day gift and if you buy more than one ticket, dad may even decide to spend the day with you!

14. Metal Detector- From the time men are little boys they always dream of finding buried treasure, so why not help to make that dream a reality by giving your dad a metal detector so he can do a little treasure hunting of his own.

15. A Home Depot or Lowes Gift Card- If your dad is really into those DIY projects why not give him a gift card to favorite tool or supply store. Not only will he be able to pick exactly what he wants for that next project, but he will have a fun time shopping as well.

16. Remote Controlled Truck, boat or plane- While dad may never become a real boat captain, race car driver or pilot he can have the fun of building and running his his hot rod, truck, boat or plane with one of the many remote controlled kits available. These kits have become so popular there are even clubs with people get together and race or fly their planes.

Gifts for Dad’s Vehicle or Travel

Whether dad drives a SUV, the family car or a pick up truck he likes to feel that he is a stud behind the wheel. So why not increase his enjoyment of riding the road with one of these great gifts for his vehicle.

Car wash kit

17. Car Wash Kit- For dad’s who like to keep their vehicles looking great getting them one of many fabulous car wash kits will help them keep that car shinning and looking like new.

18. GPS Device- While some vehicles come equipped with GPS devices others do not. A car GPS device can save face when traveling in unfamiliar territory because you don’t have to stop to ask for directions. Of course if his car is all ready equipped with GPS device you can always get him one for the boat, or for Geo-caching or hiking.

Garmin Nuvi GPS Device

19. Travel Kit- If dad is used to traveling with all his grooming accessories packed in plastic bag why not get him a travel kit. A nice travel kit will come with small bottles to hold his favorite shampoo, cologne a razor and other grooming supplies all neat and tidy and easy to find. A travel kit is great to have whether hitting the road and staying in 5 star motel or camping in wilderness.

20. Car Vac- If dad doesn’t all ready own a good car vac he will be thrilled to receive one, especially as kids tend to drop debris all over a car. A car vac that plugs into the lighter can be used anywhere and dad won’t have to worry about the battery dying in the middle of cleaning up the car.

Pure Relaxing

Of course one of Dad’s favorite activities is just being able to relax at the end of a hard day or on the weekend. You dad will probably appreciate one of these cool gifts designed for the sole purpose of enjoying a little down time.

21. Recliner- There are a number of manly recliners that provide comfort and convenience for the king of the castle and still look good whether placed in that man cave, living room or family room. Some of these recliners even have built in massaging features to help relieve all of those aches and pains.

22. Smart T.V.- What man wouldn’t enjoy watching his favorite sports program, movie or simply watching their favorite web cast. Smart TVs technology is something most men enjoy regardless of age especially, when they are given one of these unique devices as a gift.

23. Outdoor Hammock- Of course there are times, when that man in your life just wants to sneak outside and relax in the fresh air. A hammock is the ideal gift for the man who wants to relax and read, daydream or do nothing at all while enjoying a nice summer breeze. You can get a hammock that can be hung between two trees or one that is free standing. Dad is sure to enjoy either type of hammock and will be thrilled with having this space of his own.

24. Comfortable T-shirt or Sweatshirt- Forget that traditional Father’s Day tie and get him an article of clothing he will really enjoy wearing. There are a number of humorous or sports t-shirts and sweatshirts that just about any father can enjoy. With so many different shirts to choose from it easy to find a relaxing shirt that is perfect for your dad regardless of his taste.

The Ultimate Gadget

If your dad loves gadget then there is only one gadget worth getting your dad this year, if you can afford it.

25. Our 25th great gift for dad’s this father’s day is the all new Google glass. Your dad will be proud to be the first man on the block or in the neighborhood to sport this device. Google glass is more than head worn camera, and more than computer you wear on your face, it is the latest gadget to gain attention and look cool and it is finally available to general public.

As you can see this list of the best 25 gifts for dad covers a variety of different appealing gifts, and a variety of price ranges making it possible regardless of your budget to find just the right gift for your dad this fathers day. Giving him a thoughtful gift is a great way to show him how much you appreciate all those little things he does each and every day, but nothing will mean more to your father than simply taking the time to spend some time with him on this special day doing something he loves to do, and enjoying some laughter with the man who has brought so much joy into your life.