www.dollartreefeedback.com ::The Joys of Answering a Dollar Tree Survey

Dollar Tree is among the largest chain of discount variety stores in the United States. It sells almost kinds of things that you need ranging from things for every day requirements, for the holidays and special events all at $1 or less. Although it is already a well-established company it still needs constant improvement which is why it came up with www.dollartreefeedback.com to gather shopping experience and comments from their customers in order to improve their performance. The great thing is that is not just a survey but you can also win hot prizes like an iPod and $1,000 worth of cash and other prizes.


About Dollar Tree

Dollar Tree is a company that was created in 1893 and is currently based at Virginia, United States. It has over 4,000 branches in the entire country and its mission is to comprehend their client’s satisfaction by coming up with www.dollartreefeedback.com to see how their clients feel during shopping at their outlets.

Dollar Tree is a very popular chain of variety stores, with stores all over the country. It is also a Fortune 500 company that offers special promos each day and sells goods valued at $1 and even less. It covers all items including beauty products, food products, house wares, toys, health products, school and office supplies and a lot more.

The Dollar Tree Online Survey

By visiting www.dollartreefeedback.com you will be able to participate in the online consumer satisfaction survey with the goal of getting comments and feedback from customers which provide Dollar Tree the needed information to improve their services. It is not just a simple survey because you can actually have the chance to win wonderful prizes in the sweepstakes.

The survey is very simple and will only take about a few minutes of your time. So, if you are an avid customer of Dollar Tree, make sure that you visit www.dollartreefeedback.com to share your feedbacks and your opinions. To be able to participate with the survey you need to have a receipt from any of the Dollar Tree branches. You will need this receipt to supply all the needed information in the website www.dollartreefeedback.com such as the branch number, amount of the purchase, time and date of your visit before you will be allowed to fully enter the site and participate in the survey.

How to Join

The Dollar Tree survey is a very exciting activity for customers as it does not only allow them to share feedback but let them win fabulous prizes as well. The survey is very simple but before you visit www.dollartreefeedback.com, you need to meet the following:

• Must have access to a computer with an internet connection
• Must have proof of purchase from any Dollar Tree branch

Once you are already connected to the internet and you have the receipt you should visit www.dollartreefeedback.com and enter all the information required that can be found in your receipt before you click on “enter”. After which, you can proceed with answering all questions which may take 10 minutes. Once finished you will be directed to the sweepstakes page where you can have the chance to win prizes.