Are you fond of traveling? If you are, then you must have come across websites that are dedicated for travelers like you. Some of these sites feature different travel related articles along with some helpful tips about traveling. There are also those travel sites that are dedicated to helping avid travelers to save money on airfare, accommodation and other travel related expenses. So here are the top 5 travel websites that travelers would certainly find useful.

Kayak is a travel site that is definitely worth checking out. The site features great travel deals from time to time and travelers who are looking for the most affordable rates on accommodations and flights should better check They have more options and they generally have better pricing if you compare them with other travel sites that provide the best travel related deals and discounts.

Expedia is also famous for those who are looking for cheap airfare and accommodation. The website features a database of flights going to all cities all over the world along with rates, so you will know which flight is the cheapest.

When you use the site to search for any available flights to your destination, it will provide you with information on the available flights for that sector, along with the name of the airline, the schedule, as well as the total airfare. It gives you access to affordable accommodations too, just what every budget traveler would want.

Another travel site for budget travelers is the The site also allows users to have access to the best hotel deals on most of the major travel destinations all over the world. The website is well loved by budget travelers for they consistently post the best deals and rates that they can find from various other travel sites that offer cheap accommodations and fares. is hailed as one of the most successful travel booking sites in the World Wide Web. The website traffic of Priceline remains very strong despite of the competition and they still stand behind their claims to help travelers to obtain discount rates for any travel related purchases, locally and abroad.

Orbitz has been around for more than ten years now. In fact, they were hailed as the Best Travel Booking Site in the US at one time. But their sales have plummeted lately due to the arrival of competitors. Unfortunately, their search results have also dropped which is why some travelers would choose other sites instead of Orbitz when looking for the best deals on flights and accommodations. However, thanks to its established reputation, it’s still a site worth checking out.