UCard center – Activate your Chase Card

Chase is considered one of the biggest financial organizations all over the United States. The company is also known to provide a wide range of credit and debit cards. The company has decided to set up the ucard.chase.com web portal as a means for their customers to do banking transactions in the most convenient way possible.

They also have a website that caters to all Chase customers, including those who have availed of the business loans and student loans, business financing as well as investment products.



Registering your Card

Before you can make use of the ucard.chase.com site, you must first register your Chase card online. Simply access the URL and click on the option to register. As soon as you are done registering your account, you will be able to take advantage of the various online services, including checking your account balance, reviewing your account history as well as exchanging email messages with the company’s customer service representatives.

All about ucard.chase.com

The web portal allows customer to conveniently and easily access their account information online. The site is also called the uCard center and as soon as the user registers on the site, they will be able to have full control of their Chase accounts. They can even request for a replacement of their card in case they accidentally lost their card and they can also download some training materials as well as view pending transactions. There are absolutely a lot of services that a Chase consumer can take advantage of from the ucard.chase.com site

Using the uCard

For first time users, they must first register for an account by accessing the URL of the web portal. You will automatically see a link to register or to log in. Those who have already registered for an account can simply log in right away by typing in the user ID and password that they have generated.

Ucard.chase.com can also be used by those who are receiving benefits from the government, including those that receive food stamp benefits, child care employment and training, cash payments and support funds, and all other government grants that are paid through a Chase Card.

Activating the Card

You can also choose to activate your Chase Card through ucard.chase.com. All you need to do is to click on the option on the website that says “activate your card”. You will then be asked to enter your card number and be asked to choose a four digit PIN.