Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association

Wiaawi.org is the official website of Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association. For those who have not heard of this organization yet, they are basically a non-profit organization based in Stevens Point, Wisconsin with members coming from both public and private high school institutions, including some of the middle schools in Wisconsin.

wiaawi.orgOrganization’s Goals

As stated on the wiaawi.org website, the organization’s goal is on emphasizing the interscholastic athletic activities along with some of the school’s activities in order to achieve proper educational processes. Furthermore, their main focus is on formulating as well as maintaining polices that help to cultivate the ideals of good citizenship as well as sportsmanship. The organization holds regular tournaments and is in charge of registering the officials for the tournaments as well as on distributing the sportsmanship rules for such tournaments.

Purpose of the Website

The wiaawi.org is a website which the organization has set up for the directory of schools and here, you will also find the rules of the tournaments including the calendar of upcoming activities which the organization would organize. This is where the members can also refer to if they want to know the members of the board of organization, including the tournament officials. Furthermore, the website also features news and health updates, which can be found on the upper right hand corner of the homepage of wiaawi.org.

Responsibilities of the Organization

The Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association is responsible for providing a licensing program to more than 10,000 officials of the state of Wisconsin. In addition, they are also in charge of overseeing the junior high as well as the middle school athletics in more than 100 schools out of the nearly 400 school districts in Wisconsin.

As stated on the wiaawi.org site, one of the most important duties of the organization is the administration of the state tournament series in the various fields of sports, including the overseeing of the eligibility as well as conference alignment within the schools and most of all, promoting sportsmanship among the participants.

To find out more about what the organization does, simply checkout wiaawi.org, click on the “About WIAA” link which is right beside the “Home” tab. If you are looking for certain information on the site, make use of the search feature which you can also find right on the homepage. Simply type in the keywords of the topic that you need and it will provide you with the links on where to find such information at wiaawi.org.