WSFS Online Banking – login to online account

WSFS Bank, also known as Wilmington Savings Fund Society is a bank that operates 41 branches in the United States. It was founded in 1832 and employs about 700 people. In the last financial years, the company posted revenues of $171 Million. One of the main reasons for the success of this bank has been the convenience and quality of service available through WSFS online banking. Below, we have provided more details about the advantages of WSFS online banking.

What the various advantages of WSFS online banking?


One will no longer have to wait for their bank statement in the mail. They can simply login to their online account and view all their bank account transactions online, to keep a track of their financial spending, investing or savings. Online banking even allows customers to see pictures of their checks, after they have been cashed out by the recipient.

Transfer funds

If one has a savings and a current account at WSFS, they can transfer money between these two accounts in just a few seconds, without ever visiting the bank. This can be useful for customers who have both a business and personal account with WSFS.

Downloadable data

Online banking at WSFS allows customers to download their statements to their computer, in formats that are compatible with popular retail financial programs like MS Excel or Quicken or Microsoft Money. Customers can then use the data to analyze or even keep detailed secondary account of their financial progress.

Online bill pay

Customers can set up recurring payments and one time payments to pay off various types of bills. Online banking can be used to pay off utilities, a landlord or even send money to a friend who might be in need of money. Another very useful feature is the setup of bill payments that are scheduled for the future. This can be useful for those who are looking to pay off their credit cards on time, before late charges apply after a bill has become overdue.

Alerts set up

A lot of customers use online banking to set up various kinds of alerts, alerts that will notify them of all transactions or just a few select transactions, such as transactions that exceed a certain dollar amount, as decided by the user. Alerts can also be setup for low balance warnings, due dates on credit cards and various other such scenarios, as the customer deems fit.

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