www.1stcb.com – Official Website of First Convenience Bank

www.1stcb.com is the official site of First Convenience Bank, a division of the First National Bank Texas. The bank has been around for more than 111 years, where its headquarters is based in Killeen, Texas. The bank remains committed to providing the best products and services to their growing number of clients and to date, they now have a total of 288 bank branches all over the country, with more than 400 ATMs and friendly bank personnel that are more than willing to assist you.


Aside from some brief information about the bank, let’s find out what else we would be seeing on the www.1stcb.com site.

Branch or ATM Locator

Right on the upper right hand corner of the homepage is a link for doing a search for the nearest branch of First Convenience Bank, as well as its Automated Teller Machines. This was intended to be placed on a page that is visible for everyone because this is often the most commonly accessed link on the site.

Fraud Prevention Center

Another important section on www.1stcb.com which is just right beside the branch and ATM locator is the Fraud Prevention Center. This is perhaps the most important section of all because this is where the bank customers will find information about the privacy and security of their personal and financial information. This is also where you will find information on the various threats for Internet banking, such as:

• Phishing
• Pharming
• Spyware
• Trojans
• Viruses


The moment you access www.1stcb.com, you will be taken to a homepage that has various tabs relating to the bank’s products and services. These are Personal, Business, Loans and Contact Us.

Personal – this is all about the bank products and services that the customer could avail from First Convenience Bank. So if you are planning to open an account with the bank, simply refer to these links to find out more information.

Business – if you are a business owner and you need to tie up with First Convenience Bank, or perhaps, open a Corporate Account with them, then this is where you should go.

Loans – if you want to find out more information on the various loan products that the Fist Convenience Bank offers, then this section of www.1stcb.com is what you need to click.

Contact Us –for feedback, complaints, comments and suggestions, you should click on the Contact Us tab, right beside the Loans section of www.1stcb.com.