A Marriott Extranet Login Page

www.4myhr.com is a website owned by the Marriott International Inc. This site is only accessible by the associates, partners, employees and vendors of Marriot International. Those who are not in any way affiliated to Marriott will not be given access to the site, and in fact, there is a disclaimer about the privacy of information the moment you reach the homepage of www.4myhr.com

All about Marriott International

Marriott International is one of the biggest chains of hotels all over the world. The company owns and manages various hotels and lodging companies worldwide. It was founded by J. Willard Marriott in the 1950s and right now, the company owns almost 4,000 properties across 74 countries worldwide.

Marriott still continues to expand and by now, the company has almost 130,000 employees all over the world. To provide assistance to their employees and partners in accessing some important information about the company, Marriott International established an extranet site which is accessible through the link, www.4myhr.com.

What to Expect on the Extranet Site of Marriott

The moment you access the link of the site, you will then be directed to the homepage. Aside from the login section, you will find a huge disclaimer notice at the bottom of the page. This notice basically warns users that all information that are on www.4myhr.com should be kept confidential and must not be distributed or be shared by anyone that is not affiliated with the company. Furthermore, it states that all information on the system is the sole property of Marriott and can only be used if authorized by the management.

Who Can Access the Site?

www.4myhr.com was established by Marriott last March 31, 2005. The website is mainly used by the Canadian partners and associates of Marriott International. They are also accessible by other bodies of organizations such as the Ritz-Carlton, Consultants and Contractors, Separated Employee and Vendors, the International Associates and Franchisees, and many more.

The website is very helpful for these business organizations. All the users are given an enterprise ID as well as a password by the Marriott management and these login credentials are needed for users to be able to access the site and start using it. The data and files can only be shared within the business organization and between associates, partners and vendors.

The login information can only be obtained from the management of the company and must not be disseminated to unauthorized users of www.4myhr.com.