www.albertsonslistens.com – Albertsons Customer Satisfaction Survey

If you are a customer of Albertsons, you might have heard about the online Customer Satisfaction Survey that the company is asking their customers to answer at www.albertsonslistens.com. It is basically an online consumer survey that was created by Albertson to measure their customers’ level of satisfaction with regards to the service that they provide as well as the products that they sell. So if you want to help the company to improve, you should check out the Albertsons Listens Customer Satisfaction Survey which you can access at www.albertsonslistens.com.

Albertsons Listens Customer Satisfaction Survey

The Albertsons Listens Customer Satisfaction Survey is a series of questions online that customers would need to answer in order to measure how satisfied they are with the service they got from Albertsons as well as the quality of the products that Albertsons offers. By answering the survey, customers could also qualify for a sweepstakes that could make them win a $100 gift card from Albertsons Supermarket.

All about Albertsons Supermarket

Before you check out the survey at www.albertsonslistens.com, you must familiarize yourself with the company first. Being one of the largest supermarket chains in the United States, Albertsons has over 70 years of experience in the industry. As of today, the company has already established almost 500 stores across the west coast and is still looking into expanding even more.

They are known for the excellent customer service they provide as well as offering high quality products, the freshest produce and excellent pharmacy goods.

Requirements of Joining the Survey

Now that you are ready to answer the survey at www.albertsonslistens.com, you should first find out what are the qualifications and requirements in order to participate. Since the survey is online, of course, you would need to have a computer and an Internet connection as well.

You also need to have a receipt from Albertsons that has the survey code which you need to key-in on the Albertsons Listens survey site. Furthermore, you should be a resident of the United States and must be of legal age in order to participate on the survey.

The Online Survey Guide

To guide you in answering the survey, refer to the step by step process below:

• Go to www.albertsonslistens.com.

• You will be asked to type in the location or the branch of the Albertsons store you visited, so you should provide that information. The date and time of your store visit must be indicated as well, so you should not miss that.

• Next, provide your email address as well as the cashier number which you can find on the receipt.

• Click “Next Page” when you’re done filling out the information.

• The next page will contain the survey questionnaires so answer it as truthfully as you can. Giving positive feedback does not mean you will have more chances of winning, so do not be afraid to provide negative feedback as long as it’s warranted.

• As soon as you are done answering the survey at www.albertsonslistens.com, you will be asked to provide your personal information so your name will be included on the sweepstakes.