Best Buy is one of the best electronics stores in the country and this store offers discounts on everything from computers to flat-screen TVs. There is a location in most neighborhoods and you can find sales in your Sunday newspaper. You also have the opportunity to let the company know what you think by visiting www.BestbuyCares.com. This website includes a survey you can take. When you go on the website, type in the receipt number and store location number and after this you will be led to the survey. The survey takes a few minutes to complete and sometimes you can win a prize.


You Can Express Your Approval or Disapproval

One benefit of taking a survey at www.BestbuyCares.com is that you are able to discuss what you are happy with and what you do not like about the company. For example, if you feel that the Dell laptops are too expensive at the stores, you should mention this in the survey. Or if you are pleased with the inventory of Mac computers at the stores, talk about this in the survey.

Win More Prizes

Another benefit of taking this survey is that you can receive a prize in exchange for completing it. The prize may come in the former of a gift card, an item from the store or a cash prize. Keep in mind that your chances of winning the prize are very slim so you want to keep this in mind.

Fun to Do

If you like doing surveys for fun, you will like this survey. Some people visit this website just to enjoy themselves while they have free time and they visit random websites to complete the surveys. In addition, there are electronics junkies who want to complete surveys on electronics websites such as www.BestbuyCares.com. Others visit this site just for the prize offering.

You Can Request New Products

Another benefit of taking the survey is that you may be able to contribute to new products being sold at the store because the survey allows you to give comments. For example, if you heard about a new line of Sony cell phones that will be released in a few months, you can request that these phones be sold in the stores.

Best Buy has a good inventory of your favorite brands of electronics and if you take the survey on www.BestbuyCares.com, you may qualify for a prize and you will be able to voice your concerns. When you complete the survey it will take a few minutes and it is important to give honest but fair comments.

This stores uses its’ customers’ opinions to shape how things are done there so you should not feel as if your opinion does not count. Instead, you want to be happy that you have a voice in how the company provides its’ services. Make sure you complete the survey fully and that you beware of fraudulent websites that claim to be www.BestbuyCares.com.