Redeem your Dining Dough Gift Cards

Have you received a Dining Dough gift card or gift certificate? If you did, then you should refer to this article and find out how you can redeem your credits at The great thing about the gift card from Dining Dough is that you can redeem it at any of the Dining Dough restaurants all over the country and above all, it does not have any expiration date at all.

www.diningdough.comRedeeming the Gift Certificate

First of all, you must go to the restaurant and request for a Dining Dough certificate. Refer to the redemption code of the certificate you have printed and follow these steps:

1. Log on to and key-in the redemption code as well as the certificate code.
2. It will also ask you for the zip code of the area where you intend to use the certificate so better key that in.
3. Choose the name of the Dining Dough restaurant or the dinner theater that you want to use the credit for and find out how much credit you are going to use. You can actually choose more than one.
4. After that, click on check out.
5. Press the button that says “continue” and then provide your email address.
6. Print or download your certificate from the site so you will have a card to show to the restaurant of your choice.

Some Reminders

Take note that the restaurant choices are still subject to change so you should check the site more often to really find the restaurant that you want to redeem the credits from. Check out to find out the list of participating restaurants.

Furthermore, the codes on your Dining Dough gift certificate will actually retain its value until you use it. Those with the higher denominations can be redeemed a couple of times. So if you do not see the food choices that you want now, then you can always go back at a later time and redeem the credits.
Also, keep in mind that multiple Dining Dough gift cards cannot be combined when you redeem your gift cards at If you have more than one gift card, then you have to redeem them one at a time.

Customer Service

If you are having any issues in redeeming your Dining Dough gift card, then you should call their customer service department. For those who wish to receive the redemption code through the phone can also call their customer service line. You can check out for information on how to call the customer service department of Dining Dough.