PennDOT – Department of Motor Vehicles, PA

The site is a website that is run by a government agency in Pennsylvania, known as the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV. It is an agency on the state level and is focused on administering vehicle registrations including issuing vehicle titles as well as driver license and photo IDs to all residents of Pennsylvania.

Responsibilities of the DMV

Among the responsibilities of the Department of Motor Vehicles or DMV are:

• Providing driver identification as well as driver’s licenses
• Providing driver certification
• Registration of vehicles
• Vehicle ownership
• Implementation of State as well as Federal laws about motor vehicles
• Providing general photo ID aside from the driver’s ID

Most of the services mentioned above can actually be obtained through

Purpose of the Website

The website was created as a means to provide online services to customers who want to avail of the services of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Pennsylvania. Basically, the serves as a virtual service that allows consumers to make use of some government services.

The site also gives the customers access to some forms as well as fact sheets. Furthermore, it also serves as a source of information about the special programs that the government agency offers.

As stated on the website, the DMV still has plans of adding up more services on and will add more forms and information that are useful for the vehicle owners in Pennsylvania.

Online Services

From the time was launched, users have the opportunity to renew their licenses as well as photo IDs and vehicle registrations online. These online services help customers to quickly and conveniently process their vehicle registration including the renewal of their driver’s license. All these services that the users can take advantage of on the website of the Department of Motor Vehicles in Pennsylvania are also called the e-Government services.

Browser Recommendations

In order to ensure the safety of the user’s personal information when using the site, it is highly recommended that the browser of the computer that you will be using supports Secure Socket Layer or SSL capability. This technology is the one responsible for creating a secure environment when transferring information in between your browser and the site. If you do not have a browser with SSL capability, you might not be able to access the site and avail of some of the services that the Department of Motor Vehicles in Pennsylvania offers online.

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