Some Information Concerning their Benefits from LA County’s Dept. of Public Social Services – YourBenefitsNow is a website owned by LA County’s Department of Public Social Services. On this site, residents can view their benefits, update their personal information and access some information concerning their benefits from the Department of Public Social Services. So if you are new to this site, read this article to find out some tips on how to navigate through it.

New User

For first time users of, they need to refer to the “new user” section that is found on the homepage of the site. On this section, they will find a link that says “Create a new account”. Since you need to have an account before you can use the services on the website, then new users should click on this link in order for them to register.

Current User

Those who already have an account with can refer on the right side of the link, and click on the “log-in to your account”, found below the current users section. If you click on the login link, you will be brought to a page that will ask you to key-in your customer ID or username, as well as your password. Click “sign-in” afterwards, to start using the site.


Right below the “current user” section is the Benefits link. If you want to find out more information about the benefits that you are bound to receive from the Department of Public Social Services, then you should refer to the Benefits section on the homepage of When you click on this link, you will be asked to log in before you can start viewing your benefits, so provide your username and password.

Case Information

Another important section on the homepage of is the “Case Information”. On this section, there is a link that says “view your existing case information”. This section is basically for users who have filed a case in the past and that they want to find out what the status of the case is now. Just like with most of the links on the website, you will first be asked to log in before you can take advantage of this link.

Aside from the links mentioned here, there are several other important sections that you will find on Among these are Worker Information, Electronic Notices, Quarterly Reports, and even an option to reset your password, which is helpful for those who tend to forget their password for the site.