A Big Advantage For All FirstBank Customers

www.efirstbank.com is the official website of the FirstBank, one of the best banks in the United States. The website allows their consumers to have access to the products that they offer and to contact their Customer Service Department for any concerns that they might have on their account. But perhaps the best feature of the website is the Internet banking feature, which allows customers to do some of their banking transactions online instead of having to go to the bank.

All about FirstBank

To find out more about the FirstBank, you can refer to the “About FirstBank” link that is found on the homepage of www.efirstbank.com. Here, you will find out that the bank has a strong financial stability and that they were founded on the year 1963. FirstBank has also stated that they are committed to providing the best products and services to their customers and they remain loyal to their growing number of consumers. Currently, the bank has more than 13 billion assets and has more than 115 branches, spread across California, Arizona and Colorado.

Using the Internet Banking Feature

As previously mentioned, it’s the Internet banking feature that is the best feature at www.efirstbank.com. So here’s how to use the Internet banking feature:

• Access the URL of the site.
• Refer to the left hand corner of the page and log in with your User ID and password.
• Click log in to begin using the site.
• You will then be taken to your account where you can check your account balances, view statements and transactions, and many more.
• Those who forgot their passwords can refer to the “forgot your password” link below the login page of www.efirstbank.com.
• First time users should click on the link that says “Sign-up for Internet Banking”.
• To sign up, you will be asked to choose between Personal or Business Internet Banking.
• Click on the “Sign-up” link and fill out the information needed, such as first name and last name, your bank account number and Social Security Number, date of birth, and many more.

The Internet Banking feature of www.efirstbank.com is definitely a big advantage for all FirstBank customers. It gives them access to all their FirstBank accounts and loans, allowing them to track any outstanding payables easily. It also gives them access to their account statement so they will not have to request for a paper statement from the bank. So if you are a customer of FirstBank, check out www.efirstbank.com now and find out more.