www.entry.survey.walmart.com : Taking Wal-Mart Surveys

If you are like me, you enjoy shopping at Wal-Mart because of the numerous discounts there and because there seems to be one in every neighborhood. Someone asked me if it was possible to get free stuff from this store and I mentioned that you could do it in the form of surveys. If you visit www.entry.survey.walmart.com, there is a sweepstakes entry page where you fill out basic information about yourself then you give answers to questions about your satisfaction with the store. After you do this you are entered into a giveaway for goodies or cash.

www.entry.survey.walmart.comBeware of Fake Wal-Mart Surveys

If you are interested in filling out surveys for this company, you need to beware of fraudulent online companies that claim to offer these surveys according to the Better Business Bureau. If you receive an e-mail from an unknown online company stating that you can link to a certain website to access the company’s surveys, it is not legitimate. If the online survey company requests your social security number or uses a logo that is similar to Wal-Mart, you should avoid this e-mail.

Benefits of The Surveys

One benefit of the survey is that you get to tell the company what you think of its’ services and the company can learn more about what consumers’ habits are. Another benefit of using this survey is that it does not take long to fill out and you can get prizes in exchange for your opinions.

The Surveys are Fun

Taking Wal-Mart surveys can also be fun because you answering questions that deal with what you like to purchase when you shop at this store. For example, if you enjoy purchasing food at discount prices at this store, you will be happy with the survey because you can discuss in detail the foods you buy at this store.

You Help in The Company’s Innovation Strategies

When you take this survey, you also help the company create better services and products. For example, if you are not satisfied with the jewelry the store sells, the company may see the responses and develop ways to bring better selections of jewelry to their stores.

www.entry.survey.walmart.com surveys are great because they make you an active participant in the company’s decisions although in a small way. Another reason why these surveys are beneficial because you get to talk about why you like the store’s products and how often you buy them.

On the other hand, look out for fake surveys that claim to come from this company because you could be subjected to identity theft. When you visit www.entry.survey.walmart.com, make sure the survey you fill out does not make you reveal confidential information. You should also remember that there is a high chance you will not receive a prize since so many people fill out these surveys. However, it is a fun thing to do and it can be done in a short period of time.