Pennsylvania e-Tides – pay for their taxes electronically online

The site, also called as the Pennsylvania e-Tides, is a system that allows users to pay for their taxes electronically online by means of a debit or credit card. By using this online facility, you will be able to pay for your sales tax, gas taxes, employer withholding taxes and many more.

Furthermore, the system also allows the users to view their tax filing history as well as their current records and payments. With the Pennsylvania e-Tides site, you can have other representatives to pay for your taxes, such as an accountant.

The site makes use of a 128-bit encryption, thus, you are guaranteed that all your information will be kept safe and secured.

Taxes Collected by the e-Tides Site

Here is the list of taxes which a Pennsylvania tax payer can pay through

• Bank Shares
• Corporation
• Bank Loans
• Employer Withholding
• Insurance
• Public Utility Realty
• Sales
• Unemployment Compensation
• Utilities and Gross Receipts

Step By Step Instructions in Using the Site

1. First of all, access the web portal through

2. On the login section, choose register if it’s your first time using the site.

3. The next page is where you will find the e-signature agreement. You must read the agreement carefully before clicking on “I agree”.

4. On the next section, simply type in the text on the box for security. Scroll down for you to be able to create a user ID as well as a password. Make sure that you remember your user ID and password so you won’t have problems logging in at a later time.

5. The e-signature account registration is found on the next page. Provide your information on the required fields and choose “NO” for personal income tax if you do not have any intention of using it. Click on the submit button afterwards.

6. The next page will then confirm if you have successfully created an account. Click on the login link to start using

Things to Keep In Mind

Take note that only one user ID as well as password is required per user of the site. You might need to register once again if you are using the site on behalf of your clients. You need to come up with a user ID and password for each one of them. There is also a “multiple filer” instructions on which a multiple tax filer would need to refer to

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