Firstinmath – First in Math Online Program offers a comprehensive program for math-related subjects, ranging from simple addition to complex algebra. With the help of this website, students will be able to progress on their own pace and improve their knowledge and skills on mathematics. Furthermore, encourages students to practice their skills through the activities and games featured on the website. Read on to find out more.

Firstinmath Home Page

Users of can log in at the homepage of the website. On the upper right hand corner of the screen, there is a log in section that will ask the user for his or her user ID and password. For those who are having some troubles logging in, they would need to click on “Login Help” to be guided with the proper way of logging in. When you click on the “Login Help” link, a new page will show up that contains all the troubleshooting tips to help you resolve any problems you encounter when logging in to your account.

Program Content

For those who want to know some details regarding the program that the offers, they can click on the “Program Content” link found on the top portion of the website’s homepage. On this page, you will find that the program is divided into six basic modules:

• Measurement World
• Just the Facts
• Skill Sets
• Know and Show
• Workout Gyms
• Bonus Games

Each module is designed to help improve a student’s fluency on numbers as well as enhance his or her skills on mathematics. The program also helps a student with problem solving, communication skills and reasoning. The modules are actually paralleled to each other, which means that you need to complete Game 1 before the next game will be unlocked and you can continue playing the rest of the games.

Proven Results

If you want to know if is truly effective, you need to click on Proven Results tab. On this page, you will be able to read Case Studies, and several scientific-based researches that will prove that such programs are certainly effective in helping to improve a student’s mathematical as well as analytical skills. There are even testimonials at the bottom of the page, written by those who have tried the program.

FIM News

Another page that you will find on is the FIM News page. Here, you get to read the latest news and updates about the First in Math program, including the winners of some of the Math competitions organized by the people behind

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