Login to www.fluidnow.com/aenr

www.fluidnow.com/aenr is the link to the website of Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity. For those who are applying for unemployment claims in the state of Florida, they will be asked to indicate the name of the company or person that they have worked for in the past. Those who were indicated on the application of claims will be sent a Notice of Unemployment Compensation Claim Filed. If you are among those who have received this notice, then you better visit www.fluidnow.com/aenr.

www.fluidnow.com/aenrLogin to Respond

As soon as you access the link, you will be taken to a page with some bold words in black that says, “Login to respond”. Underneath these words, you will be asked to provide the following information:

• Unique Document ID
• Employer Account Number
• Claimant SSN

If you don’t know where to find the following information, simply click on the link that says, “Click here for a sample”, and you will be shown a sample document which displays the information. As soon as you are done filling out the information needed at www.fluidnow.com/aenr, simply click on continue.

Submitting an Attachment

For those who need to submit some attachments or other documents in relation to their “notice of response”, then it is not necessary that you respond through www.fluidnow.com/aenr. What you will do instead is to mail the documents to Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity. You can also fax it. Their fax number and mailing address is indicated right at the back of the notice that you’ll receive.

Help in Accessing the Website

If you have problems or questions in using www.fluidnow.com/aenr, or perhaps you encounter some technical difficulties in navigating through the system, then you should contact Florida’s Department of Economic Opportunity at 850-921-3475. Take note that they are open only to attend to your needs during normal business hours.