Ford Motor Company – Logging in is a website of Ford Motor Company. This website was set up for the sole purpose of assisting Ford dealers on their day to day transactions with the company. Only authorized users can access this website and a user ID and password is needed before they can log in and navigate through

All about Ford Motor Company

The Ford Motor Company, also known as Ford, is one of the most popular automaker companies all over the world. The firm is based in the United States and the company’s headquarters is located in Dearborn, Michigan. The Ford Motor Company was named after its founder, Henry Ford.

It began its operation in the year 1903 and they started with selling several different kinds of automobiles, as well as commercial vehicles and various luxury cars. Up until now, Ford is still one of the most successful car manufacturers all over the world and they even own a small stake of Mazda and Aston Martin. Because the company is getting bigger and bigger, the management has decided to come up with, a web portal that the dealers can use for their daily transactions with Ford.

Terms and Conditions in Using the Site

The moment you access the site, you will immediately be redirected to the terms and conditions. In here, the company stated that they own all the rights to all the information stored in the website. They also stated that they expect the users to maintain and preserve the confidentiality of its trade secrets and must not be shared by other persons who are not authorized to access

Those who are given access to the site are not allowed to use all information posted there for their own personal advantage. The company also expects the users to use the site only for their own dealerships and for any transactions done within the Ford Motors Company.

Logging in to the Website

Before a user can use, they are required to log in with their user ID and password and when they log in, they are expected to have read and understood the terms and conditions stated on the site. After they type in the user ID and password, they should hit “log-in” to continue. Those who are having problems logging in at should refer to the link below. They can reset it by means of the security questions and if in case they need to log in using a secure ID, they can also click on the link right below the login section of the page.