Where You can Subscribe for the Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Free Press is considered as one of the largest daily newspapers all over Detroit and in order to give their subscribers utmost convenience when subscribing for their daily paper, they set up www.freep.com. The link is the website where readers of the Detroit Free Press would need to go to in case they want to avail of their subscription services. All that the customers will do is log on to the website and then they should provide their personal details, and most especially the delivery details with their complete address. Customers will also have to pay for their subscription directly at www.freep.com.

All about the Detroit Free Press

The Detroit Free Press, which is sometimes referred to as “FREEP”, is considered as one of the biggest newspaper publications all over Detroit, MI. The publication was established in the year 1831 and has since undergone a lot of major changes. Right now, the publication company is said to accommodate almost 300,000 daily circulations as well as more than 650,000 for Sunday circulations.

The newspaper publication has won a lot of prestigious awards ever since it was founded and as a matter of fact, they held a total of 9 Pulitzer awards as well as a total of 4 Emmy Awards. You will find out more about the company by simply going to www.freep.com.

Step By Step Process of Subscribing at Detroit Free Press Website

To subscribe for the daily paper of the Detroit Free Press, you must have access to a computer that is connected to the Internet. Also, you should be ready to provide your personal information, such as your complete name and address, your phone number and also your email address. Most importantly, you should have your credit card payment details ready. Here is how to do it:

• Visit the website at www.freep.com.
• Click the link to subscribe under the link which says “subscribe now, receive free gift”.
• Choose what gift you want and indicate how you want the newspapers to be delivered.
• Click the link to continue to the next step.
• Provide your delivery details as well as your payment information.

After you subscribe for the daily paper at www.freep.com, you will then be updated on the latest happening within the Detroit Michigan area. Also, the great thing about subscribing on the website is that you will even have a chance to win exciting prizes, such as a $10 gift card from Target, and many more.