Harley-Davidson’s Financial Services

The www.hdfsi.com website is the official website of Harley-Davidson’s Financial Services. This division of Harley Davidson offers financing possibilities to people that are planning to buy a bike from someone else. They offer motorcycle loans and also offer financing services for apparel as well as motorcycle accessories and parts.

Aside from financing options, Harley-Davidson’s Financial Services also offer insurance services to their clients. Here’s what you will find on www.hdfsi.com:

Finance your Ride

On this section of the website, you will find information about applying for financing options for your Harley Davidson bike. On this page, you will find the following information:

• Stateside Military Financing Program – this is the financing program designed for those who are active military personnel.
• Online Account Access – this area is for those who have signed up for an online account at www.hdfsi.com. Having an account will allow you to make a payment, view your account, request online statement, and obtain a payoff estimate for your loan.
• Payment Estimator – this allows you to estimate your monthly payments in case you decide to apply for any loan.

Make a Payment

For those who are paying for their loans, they can just go straight to this link. Before you could make use of this link however, you will be asked to log in, thus, you have to sign up for an account first.

Bike Insurance

For information on applying for insurance for your Harley Davidson bike, this section of www.hdfsi.com is where you will need to go to. This is also the page where you will find information about the insurance benefits that you will receive if ever you decide to apply for any of the insurance packages.

Extended Service

Harley Davidson also offers an extended service plan to their consumers. This plan will protect you from costly repairs for another seven years in case your bike experiences some trouble.

Protection Plans

Protection Plans help customers of Harley Davidson to be protected in case of sudden illnesses, accidents, theft and unemployment. There are two types of plans under this program – the Debt Protection Plan and the Gap Program. Simply click on this link if you want to find out more information

Private Party Financing

Another section on www.hdfsi.com is the Private Party Financing. On this section of the site, the benefits that the buyer and seller will get in case they opted for the private party financing are listed down.