Herff Jones eDesign

www.hjedesign.com is the official website of Herff Jones eDesign. It is an online page building program that is designed to help users in coming up with their own yearbook. Having an account in this site will allow you to design and come up with your own yearbook pages at your own convenience. It also allows you to monitor the status of the pages you have created and it also gives you a capability to view and browse through the book as it appear. Read on to find out more about using www.hjedesign.com.

www.hjedesign.comWhat You Should Know about Herff Jones eDesign

Herff Jones eDesign is an actually award winning online program that helps several institutions in coming up with their own yearbook designs, allowing their staff to work at anytime and anywhere for as long as there is access to the Internet. Herff Jones, the person behind eDesign, was honored in the prestigious Adobe Max competition and CIO Magazine included him in the list of 100 companies worldwide that make use of technology in order to become innovative. www.hjedesign.com help users come up with a yearbook in a fast and easy way.

How can you Use the Website

The website is guaranteed user-friendly. You do not need to become a computer wizard just to understand how it works. There is an interactive video that you can refer to for guide on designing your yearbook. In case you need assistance, you can always contact a representative of Herff Jones eDesign by clicking the Contact Us link found at the bottom of www.hjedesign.com. The representatives of Herff Jones eDesign are also willing to come up with a live demo in order to further assist you in using the website at your most convenience.

What Are the Things You Can Do with the Help of Herff Jones eDesign?

There are way too many things that you can do at the website of Herff Jones eDesign. First of all, you can make use of the pre-designed yearbook layouts as well as pop-ins in designing your yearbook. You can also create your own design and upload some photos directly to your computer which you can also print at a later time.

Furthermore, www.hjedesign.com also allows you to sort out digital images and organize pictures based on your own preferences. There is also a tool that lets you create some shapes to design your yearbook, such as oval, star, rectangular, polygon and many more. You also have the freedom to apply colors and texts on your yearbook, or perhaps copy and paste some texts from a different word processing application.